Homeowner Battles Moisture

By Ira Bosch | March 3, 2017

Baton Rouge homeowner was ready to move on after flooding Like many in southern Louisiana, CarRon Cooper of Baton Rouge had his work cut out for him after the 2016 floods. His home had been in the path of the rising waters. Afterwards, he was ready to begin renovating so he could move on with […]

Sunlight Contractors – Licensed Mold Remediation of Baton Rouge, Denham Springs and all of Southeastern Louisiana

By Ira Bosch | February 17, 2017

A Baton Rouge homeowner describes his Sunlight Contractors mold removal “After the recent flood in Baton Rouge,” reported Baton Rouge homeowner Harden O’Neil, “I am having to renovate my home. I contacted Sunlight Contractor’s…Project Manager Corey Yates who came to my home that afternoon. Knowing nothing myself of what could be done, Corey walked me […]

Flooding and Mold Removal

By Ira Bosch | February 1, 2017

Neighbors wished they’d called Sunlight for Mold Removal When fellow Central, Louisiana flood victims came to see the mold removal work that Sunlight Contractors had done on Steven and Niki Lord’s home, they experienced buyer’s remorse. Why? Like many flood victims, they’d also been the victim of shoddy mold removal or remediation and spray foam […]

Best Sub Floor Crawl Space Insulation

By Ira Bosch | January 18, 2017

Is your home suffering from an unsealed crawl space? Research shows the spray foam does the best job for sub floor crawl space insulation. Not only does it prevent drafts and cold floors, it seals out moisture and helps protect from termite damage. This homeowner discovered that spray foam is the only choice for sub […]

Researching Insulation Contractors

By Ira Bosch | January 18, 2017

Baton Rouge Homeowner on Researching Insulation Contractors When Kalpana Singh decided to have her new 4000-square-foot Baton Rouge home insulated, she took the responsibility of finding the best contractors for the job seriously. Kalpana spent five months researching insulation contractors and contacted seven other homeowners to get the scoop on her top choice Sunlight Contractors, […]

How to leak-proof your BUR roof without a costly tear off – Commercial Roofing Solutions by Sunlight Contractors

By Ira Bosch | January 15, 2017

Built-up roofing (BUR) has been a common feature of commercial and industrial properties since the 1870s. If your real estate is experiencing leaks as a result of decades of patching a built-up roof, you may even wonder if your roof is a 19th century original. There’s a reason built-up roofing has stuck around so long. […]

Subfloor Spray Foam Maurepas, Louisiana – Immediate Results in Floor Temperature with Sunlight Contractors of Baton Rouge

By Ira Bosch | January 13, 2017

Subfloor Spray Foam in Maurepas, Louisiana – Homeowners are ready to winterize with the right contractors – Sunlight Contractors of Baton Rouge When Steven and Adrienne Halphen of Maurepas, Louisiana, decided to encapsulate their home’s crawl space with 1800 sq. ft. of closed cell spray foam insulation, it wasn’t a light decision. While properly installed […]

Subfloor Spray Foam Walker, Louisiana Reducing Cold Caused By Humidity – Spray Foam Baton Rouge and Spray Foam Walker Louisiana

By Ira Bosch | January 10, 2017

How humidity contributes to the bitter cold of Walker, Denham Springs, Baton Rouge and other southern Louisiana cities Humidity causes temperatures to feel colder – and we’ll explain how one Walker, Louisiana resident used spray foam insulation to fix this.   You may not associate balmy southern Louisiana with cold weather, but winter can feel […]

Sunlight contractors insulation in walls

Spray Foam Removal an Installation

By Insulation Guru | January 2, 2017

Case Study: Leydecker Spray Foam Removal And Proper Installation Craig Leydecker was excited having purchased a home with spray foam insulation install in the sub floor.  Finally, a home with warm floors and no drafts.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t as good as he thought and it quickly turned into a spray foam removal expense.  Here is […]

Cure Southern Louisiana’s Cold Winters / Cure Stack Effect Foam Insulation Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Prairieville and surrounding areas

By Ira Bosch | December 12, 2016

Why the stack effect leaves Louisiana homeowners cold The brutality of southern Louisiana’s winters often surprises visitors. High levels of humidity combined with colder air creates a chill that goes straight to the bones. Homeowners whose historic houses feature original wood floorboards are subject to the cold even indoors thanks to the stack effect. In […]

Raised Homes Why New Orleans Homeowners choose spray foam[Video]

By Ira Bosch | November 26, 2016

Raised Homes Solution – Spray Foam Insulation keeps in Heat Raised homes keep flood waters out during flooding, but they can let in cold air in the winter and hot air in the summer. Sealing your subfloor has many advantages, however, the most impressive concerning flooding, is Fema recommends it as flood damage resistance material. […]

Subfloor with closed cell spray foam insulation 4

Case Study: Roman Sub-Floor Insulation

By Insulation Guru | November 20, 2016

Sub Floor Insulation Solves High Energy Bills High moisture content and unwanted air flow under your house can be problematic.  Whether needing sub floor insulation or a crawl space, spray foam insulation offers the solution to both areas. Traditional fiberglass insulation doesn’t fare well in a crawl space or sub floor Though Pete Roman resides […]

Louisiana Flood Clean Up Tips

Mold Remediation Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Prairieville and surrounding areas

By Ira Bosch | October 10, 2016

Why Call a Mold Remediation Specialist As far too many Louisiana residents know, flooding can be devastating. To make matters worse, all that water can have moisture-loving mold and fungi growing by leaps and bounds within just a day or two. There’s no time to waste in cleaning up a home that’s fallen victim to […]

Case Study: Meteye moisture damage remediation

By Insulation Guru | October 10, 2016

Uninformed contractors’ moisture prevention advice goes wrong Bonnie and Joe Meteye bought their Metairie home eight months after Hurricane Katrina. Though the house had flooded, they didn’t feel replacing the original wood floors was necessary at the time. It was five years later, when the Meteyes were adding on to their home, that they decided […]

Energy efficient attic insulation

Attic Insulation and Encapsulation

By Insulation Guru | September 9, 2016

Case Study: Berger Attic Encapsulation – Attic Insulation Temperatures and Utilities Rising Like many New Orleans homeowners, Eric Berger’s summer utility bills were enough to make him sweat. As temperatures outside rose beginning in May, his air condition struggled to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. His bills reflected that struggle, often skyrocketing to $300 to $305 […]

Sandblasting 5

Case Study: New Orleans Public Belt Railroad Insulation

By Insulation Guru | July 28, 2016

Employee discomfort leads to lost productivity Troy Banks of New Orleans Public Belt Railroad says that employee complaints about the enterprise’s manufacturing facility have been ongoing for at least thirty years, and it’s no wonder. Inside the metal warehouse where five full time employees fabricate railroad ties, temperatures can reach as high as 120°F. Between […]

Best Spray Foam Insulation Sunlight Contractors New Orleans Louisiana crawl space insulation for warm floors in the winter

Case Study: Treadaway Crawl Space Insulation

By Insulation Guru | May 21, 2016

Cutting Utility Bills in New Orleans  –  What Lies Beneath Why Spray Foam is the Best Crawl Space Insulation Paul Treadaway’s raised cottage in Saint Bernard Parish, Louisiana was high, but not necessarily dry. As is the case with many homeowners who live in raised homes, Paul’s home was susceptible to air infiltration as cold […]

PPE means Safety for Spray Foam Installers in Louisiana

By Ira Bosch | March 2, 2016

PPE for Spray Foam Application While cured spray polyurethane foam provides safe, affordable energy efficiency for Louisiana homeowners and business owners.  The installation of spray foam – both closed cell and open cell – in attics, walls, crawl spaces, and on rooftops requires precision, attention to detail, and precaution. At Sunlight Contractors, LLC, we pride […]

Which Insulation offers the Greatest R-Value for my Money?

By Ira Bosch | March 1, 2016

Some insight on R-value The R-value of insulation is a measurement of thermal resistance. In other words, R-value tells you how easily heat will move from one side of an object to the other. Even before applying insulation, the materials that make up your home have an R-value though not high enough to offer sufficient […]

Verifying Reviews on Insulation Contractors – Google+ Yelp

By Ira Bosch | February 22, 2016

Verifying Reviews on Insulation Contractors is Essential  Protect Your Family  Protect Your Home The number one industry to receive complaints in the state is sadly contractors.  We urge you to do your homework.   After you have verified credentials, check Google+ reviews insulation contractors, check out Yelp reviews, and best yet, speak directly with other […]

Are you allergic to your own home?

By Ira Bosch | February 8, 2016

Indoor Allergens Sneezing. Coughing. Wheezing. Headaches. It’s that time of year again. Allergy season.  Allergies are not just outside, home have indoor allergens too. While your first inclination may be to move the party indoors until the ragweed is a fading memory, there’s something you need to know. 15% of all American homeowners are allergic […]

Reduce before you produce – Stop Home Energy Loss

By Ira Bosch | February 7, 2016

Stop Home Energy Loss Even Solar Energy During the last quarter of 2015, the U.S. installed enough solar panels to power 5 million American homes. Solar powered homeowners are quickly figuring out that an unsealed solar powered home isn’t as comfortable as they imagined.  How do they stop home energy loss and make their investment pay […]

Cold Floor Solution – Crawl Space Insulation

By Ira Bosch | January 18, 2016

What do you get when you cross a 110-year-old double shotgun camelback house with no sub-flooring and crawl space insulation? A lot more comfort and more money in your pocket.  At least, that’s what Roger C. discovered after having Sunlight Contractors, LLC do a closed spray foam insulation makeover on his Uptown District New Orleans […]

Louisiana Department of Transportation Energy Improvement with Spray Foam insulation

By Ira Bosch | January 11, 2016

When Sunlight Contractors, LLC says there’s no job too big for them to handle, they mean it. Just ask the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LADOTD) in Kenner, Louisiana. LADOTD serves the transportation and water resource needs of Louisiana residents, businesses and government partners. They not only needed their large warehouse insulated with spray […]

How Sunlight Contractors fulfills tall spray foam insulation orders

By Ira Bosch | January 4, 2016

“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” Marvin Gaye sang it in the 60s. Diana Ross sang it again in the 70s. In 2016, maybe Sunlight Contractors, LLC should consider dropping their own version. They could call it “Ain’t No Ceiling High Enough.” Because not even the 35-foot ceilings in Bill Schaefer’s new 11,648 square-foot New Orleans […]

Sunlight Contractors new home spray foam insulation new orleans, la

Case Study: Singh Attic And Wall Insulation

By Insulation Guru | December 20, 2015

Proper insulation crucial for your home’s energy-efficiency, comfort, and quality – Attic and wall insulation Kalpana Singh was serious about making sure that her new 4000-square-foot Baton Rouge home was properly insulated. Effective insulation helps maintain consistent temperatures in a home, making things easier on your HVAC system and resulting in greater energy efficiency and year-round […]

Importance of Reading Google Reviews – Choosing your Insulation Contractor

By Ira Bosch | December 14, 2015

Next to the quality of insulation that you choose for your home or business, nothing is more important than the quality of its installation. With so many different options out there for keeping your home comfortable year-round, you need a knowledgeable contractor who will provide the information you need and answer all your questions so […]

Sunlight Contractors New orleans Crawl space encapsulated by closed cell spray foam.

Case Study: Crawl Space Insulation With Spray Foam

By Insulation Guru | October 13, 2015

A Case of Cold Feet in Uptown New Orleans – Crawl Space Insulation by Sunlight Contractors Roger Corby’s Uptown New Orleans home has survived extreme weather for over one hundred years, but surviving isn’t the same as thriving. Corby’s monthly utility bills were exorbitant, and yet he was never comfortable. The shotgun cottage was extremely drafty and […]

Prevent Subfloor Moisture

By Ira Bosch | September 7, 2015

“Don’t even think about insulating the floor of your raised Louisiana home.” It’s common advice, based upon two dreaded words: moisture problems. Many types of insulation can actually contribute to moisture problems, but unless you want to freeze on the cold days and mop sweat on the sultry ones, all while paying through the nose […]

Sunlight Contractors Spray Foam Insulation New Orleans Louisiana business saving utilities

Commercial Insulation

By Insulation Guru | July 5, 2015

Case Study: Blackwater Refinery – Westwego Office Space With an Energy Loss Problem Spray foam insulation can save you 10% on energy by sealing up weak spots where cool air can escape. Blackwater Refinery knows a thing or two about energy. After all, they specialize in the safe storage of petroleum in their Westwego facility. Naturally, […]


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