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Sunlight Contractors has the experience, the personnel, and, more importantly, the trusted credentials to do your fireproofing right the first time.

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For over 18 years, Sunlight Contractors has served the spray foam insulation, mold testing & remediation, fireproofing, renovations, and soundproofing needs of homeowners and businesses in all of Louisiana. Make sure when choosing a spray foam contractor to make sure they are licensed and certified with the LSLBC. You always want a contractor that is backed by licensure and certifications for your peace of mind.

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With 1000+ five-star reviews, Sunlight Contractors is the most trusted installer of spray foam insulation in NOLA.

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Industrial Fireproofing for Safer Businesses

Sunlight Contractors, LLC proudly provides Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas business owners commercial fireproofing materials and energy solutions that save money and lives. Our skilled and certified fireproof applicators are very experienced in fireproofing systems installation. Sunlight Contractors has demonstrated past performance successfully completing both small and large industrial fireproofing projects.

What is Fireproofing?

Fireproofing is the process of protecting a structure from not only the damage fire causes but also from the fire spreading quickly. Fires are responsible for countless deaths and billions of dollars in damage in the U.S. alone every year. Fireproofing is a clever move for any property owner, and it is required for many multi-family, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Buildings and other structures developed entirely from metal or concrete require protection from fire. Find out more about Fireproofing and how it can secure your property and possibly save your life by contacting Sunlight Contractors.

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Does Fireproofing Work?

In 2009, the National Institute of Standards and Innovation conducted research to determine if sprayed applications of fireproofing materials worked as predicted. The research revealed that the application of fireproofing materials not only protected and often saved buildings, they also provided a vast increase in survival rates for residents and employees with a time increase equal to 15X's longer to escape a burning building than a building which had no fireproofing protection.

How Do You Fireproof A Structure?

Fireproofing materials can be rolled, brushed, or sprayed on your surfaces within your house or structure much like a paint is applied. The materials are used to cover steel or iron to keep it below the temperature level that causes weak points. It is also used to protect electrical circuits preventing overheating. The fire-resistant compound is also utilized to cover metal bridges and concrete tunnels and bank vaults. Trusted professionals use a non-asbestos spray applied fireproofing material which is made from several typical substances, including Monokote MK-6, Cafco 300 and Cafco Blaze Shield. These materials are mixed with mica, plasters and other materials which accelerate the hardening process.

Fire Resistant Standard Spray Foam Insulation

Some industrial insulation products are already chemically treated to increase the spray foam’s resistance to fire. K-13 cellulose increases the fire rating of any building. When 377 appendix X approved, spray foam offers a 15 minute fire barrier.

Fireproof spray foam coatings should be an integral part of a building’s passive fire protection system. We offer products created specifically to add fire resistance to structures. The product may be applied during the construction phase and as a retrofit.

CAFCO Blaze Shield II Fireproofing

CAFCO Blaze Shield II has been an industry leader for over forty years. The innovative wool aggregate system has been used to treat hundreds of commercial facilities, including the San Francisco Airport. 

Environmentally friendly Blaze Shield II offers extreme heat fire resistance for structural steel and concrete during the construction of commercial structures. Blaze Shield IIt is the only commercial density product deemed appropriate for external uses. It protects against extreme temperatures even in environments that experience severe weather conditions.

In addition to its fireproofing qualities, Blaze Shield II provides the benefits of thermal insulation and noise reduction.  Its inorganic makeup means that the buildup of mold and mildew will never be a problem.

DC315 Thermal Barrier and Ignition Barrier

The only third party inspected fire protective coating for Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is DC315 intumescent fireproofing coating. It meets industry standards for 15-minute thermal and ignition barriers for foam plastics. 

DC315 passes the strict standards set by the EPA regarding Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). DC315 meets or exceeds AQMD air emission requirements in all fifty states. It is safe for use in schools and other high occupancy buildings. 

These qualities make it an ideal choice for industrial and commercial structures insulated with spray foam insulation.

Because DC315 offers a single coat coverage, labor and material costs are reduced. Application as well as clean up can be undertaken in a short window of time compared to other fireproofing materials. This fast turnaround means that businesses can be up and running more quickly, wasting less time and money.


Cementitious Waterproof Coating

Cementitious waterproof coating is a type of seamless, two-component breathable coating that offers effective protection against water infiltration on both positive and negative sides of concrete and masonry surfaces. Its ability to resist mold and mildew ensures that these surfaces remain undamaged.

It is typically used over masonry patching, behind tiles, and on concrete surfaces, both above and below ground. The cementitious nature of this coating enables it to bond strongly with concrete and masonry substrates, providing excellent protection against aggressive acid gases, moisture, and chlorides, as well as resisting chemical attacks on these surfaces.

Cementitious waterproof coatings have several advantages. They are easy to apply and can provide both positive and negative side waterproofing protection. These coatings are also highly durable and resistant to mold and mildew. Additionally, they have strong bonding strength with concrete and masonry substrates, making them an effective solution for preventing water infiltration and damage from chemical attacks.

However, cementitious waterproof coatings can be relatively expensive and require skilled labor to install properly. They may also be prone to cracking if the substrate is not properly prepared, and their breathable nature can sometimes lead to moisture issues if not managed properly.

DC315 Fireproofing Thermal Barrier and Ignition Barrier

Invest in Proven, Effective Fireproofing Technology

Contact the fireproofing experts at Sunlight Contractors. We can help your Louisiana business meet state requirements that keep your employees, clients, and assets safe.

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