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The hidden cracks around your home are equivalent to a wide open window.
The hidden cracks around your home are equivalent to a wide open window.

Stop Home Energy Loss Even Solar Energy

During the last quarter of 2015, the U.S. installed enough solar panels to power 5 million American homes. Solar powered homeowners are quickly figuring out that an unsealed solar powered home isn’t as comfortable as they imagined.  How do they stop home energy loss and make their investment pay off?

Naturally, we at Sunlight Contractors endorse renewable energy, but we’re concerned about the saving projections that some contractors tout.  While solar panels will reduce your reliance on the power company, your savings will not be as significant if you don’t take measures to seal your home prior to installing solar technology.

The average home has so many hidden air leaks that if they were added up, it would be like leaving a door open 24 hours a day. That inefficiency severely undercuts any savings from your solar system. That’s why the first step in energy efficiency should be a home energy audit performed by certified contractors. An audit will reveal the small cracks and crevices that permit the air-conditioned cool that we all treasure in July to escape. You can be sure, though winter has already become a distant memory, those same cracks allow cold air to seep in during January.

Once you see where you’re losing energy, it’s important to seal up those areas. Just plugging air leaks can cut energy waste by 10%. Insulation can reduce that waste by an additional 10% to 50%! At Sunlight Contractors, we recommend spray foam insulation, especially in attics and crawlspaces where dampness and extreme temperatures are a problem. Unlike traditional insulations, spray foam envelopes your home, making it airtight, moisture resistant, and truly energy efficient.

Now that you’ve made your home energy efficient, you’re ready to start producing your own energy. That’s where solar panels come in.  We have more than 290 solar installations under our belt, and our customers have been singing the praises of their solar systems. Most report saving $100 or more per month. If you’re ready to start saving money, give us a call at Sunlight Contractors. We’ll help you assess and improve your energy use.


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