Case Study: Treadaway Crawl Space Insulation

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Cutting Utility Bills in New Orleans  –  What Lies Beneath

Why Spray Foam is the Best Crawl Space Insulation

Paul Treadaway’s raised cottage in Saint Bernard Parish, Louisiana was high, but not necessarily dry. As is the case with many homeowners who live in raised homes, Paul’s home was susceptible to air infiltration as cold air passed beneath his home from the nearby Lake Eugenie as well as air and energy leakage through cracks and crevices in his floorboards. The underside of his home was also vulnerable to moisture, making his floorboards a perfect home for insects such as termites and other dampness-loving life forms like mildew and mold.

The air leaks in Paul’s floorboards meant that conditioned air was steadily exiting and making room for the unconditioned air to slip in. This process caused extra work for Paul’s air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter as cold air infiltrated, chilling the floors.

Moisture that seeped into the floorboards likewise affected the temperatures, but more critically, moisture weakens the structural integrity of a home like Paul’s. It was imperative that the underside of the home be both sealed and insulated.

Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation For Closure

By beginning the process of sealing and insulating with a free energy audit, we were able to show Paul exactly where he was losing energy in his home. It was clear that closed cell spray polyurethane foam insulation was the solution for his crawl space insulation.

Unlike open cell spray foam, which allows moisture to pass through, closed cell spray foam seals in the air bubbles that cause it to expand, making it impervious to moisture. It’s so water-resistant, in fact, that we’ve even used it to build floating docks! That makes it an ideal product for application under a home like Paul’s, where nearby waterways create an environment that is always damp.

Because Paul’s home was so high off the ground, we brought out lifts to get us in position. Our certified spray foam installers used heated hoses and spray foam guns to deliver the foam to the underside of the structure from the Graco Reactor proportioning system in our rig. Within minutes of application, the spray foam was curing, sealing in the conditioned air and sealing out moisture.

High and Dry With Spray Foam Insulation

By reducing energy loss through floorboards, closed cell spray foam will reduce Paul’s utility bills, and it will also preserve his floorboards, saving money in future repairs to moisture damage. While his home will remain high and dry, Paul’s utility bills will be reduced year round.

Like all smart homeowners, Paul researched his options before choosing Sunlight Contractors to install closed cell spray foam beneath for his crawl space insulation. Why did he choose us?

“Sunlight Contractors was the only [vendor] who was licensed, insured, trained, and experienced and had the specialized equipment to do [the job]. It was also very affordable. It was the best decision I made. You will never meet a more professional staff from day one on surveying the job, the high quality of work, and also the follow-up after the service.” ~ Paul Treadaway, St. Bernard, Louisiana

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