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For well over a decade, Sunlight Contractors has served the spray foam insulation and mold remediation needs of homeowners and businesses in Louisiana.

Why Choose Sunlight?

For over 18 years, Sunlight Contractors has served the spray foam insulation, mold testing & remediation, fireproofing, renovations, and soundproofing needs of homeowners and businesses in all of Louisiana. Make sure when choosing a spray foam contractor to make sure they are licensed and certified with the LSLBC. You always want a contractor that is backed by licensure and certifications for your peace of mind.

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With 2000+ five-star reviews, Sunlight Contractors is the most trusted installer of spray foam insulation in Louisiana.

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  • Free: (BPI) Door blower testing before & after spray foaming to know how leaky and airtight your house is before spray foaming and after. The door blower report is one of the guides to inform any licensed contractor who is certified to do a door blower test. Check any company you're hiring on www.bpi.org
  • Free: Adhesion testing can include core sampling, spring scale testing, basic adhesion test, or checking for correct moisture readings, oil, dirt, and dust before spray foaming your attic, walls, or crawlspace. This process is crucial to have a spray foam project manager and a certified licensed “Master spray foam installer” to confirm the correct amount of polyurethane and resins are heated properly and adhering with the proper strength on your wood or metal substrate properly. Click here to confirm whether or not a contractor is a Master Spray Foam Installer with the SPFA
  • Free: Inferred imaging making sure your attic is sealed properly. We come back 3-5 days later and do a full independent inspection of your spray foam conditioned space.
  • Free: Resnet (HERS) evaluation by a licensed certified Resnet (HERS) energy rater on-site and a prestigious certified project spray foam manager on site. Certifications of your inspectors are available upon request. Link below to search up RESNET HERS Raters. Search Corey Yates to see our certifications.
  • Free: ASHRAE 62.2 (ACH) report by license HVAC contractor making sure there's no possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning. Just like installing your HVAC there must be at least 0.35 turnover of air every hour. Caution: Don't leave these tasks to unlicensed, uncertified contractors ask whoever you are interested in doing business with to see if they are licensed contractors.
  • Free: ABAA(Air Barrier Association of America) evaluation by Sunlight Contractors, a certified ABAA contractor.
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Caution: Insist on seeing Building Performance Institute (bpi.org) certifications or ABAA (Air Barrier Association of America). Too many so-called spray foam contractors don’t understand the importance of a properly seal attic and miss blind spots, hidden soffit areas, & cathedral ceiling areas. We have seen small 2x2 cathedral areas that homeowners never knew existed. If your conditioned attic isn’t sealed properly you will develop either mold, termites, powder post Beatles, rotting wood and insect infestation or all the above.

Make sure the company you hire allows you to take pictures of the chemical drums they are spraying into your home. It states the lot numbers, date, and name of the product. There is bad foam going around in the market and you want to make sure the foam you buy adheres properly and lasts 80-90 years.

About Sunlight Contractors

Sunlight Contractors is the highest rated insulation contractor in all of Louisiana. We provide top customer service and specialize in a variety of services. We are licensed and certified in Spray Foam insulation, blown-in cellulose insulation, fireproofing, soundproofing and commercial roofing. We are also experts in Mold/Moisture remediation, Pier & Beam foundation repair,  residential roofing, asbestos removal, commercial, residential air sealing, and dehumidification services. Our licenses and certifications speak volumes. We have over 20 million board feet of spray foam sprayed in the field. 

Sunlight contractors is a local, homegrown business with over 4 locations that provides all of Louisiana with insulation services including spray foam, blown-in cellulose, soundproofing, and fireproofing for residential or commercial properties. 

We are master spray foam installers with the Spray Foam Polyurethane Alliance (SPFA). Certified Gold Star Contractors with the Building Performance Institute (B.P.I) for home energy audits. We are licensed and certified RESNET Home Energy Raters (HERS). RESNET Energy Smart Contractors, A+ business certified with the BBB bureau, and licensed with the Louisiana State Board of Contractors (LSLBC).

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What is Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray polyurethane foam is an alternative solution to traditional fiberglass batt insulation. Spray foam is a two-component insulation made up of isocyanate and polyol resin. When these two products are mixed, the liquids react quickly and expand on contact to create foam that is a far superior insulation to anything else that can be installed in your home or business.

Spray foam insulation is known for its ability to be an air, thermal, and vapor barrier. This product is multi-functional and can be used in attics, walls, subfloors, and even on roofs. It is a highly effective solution for reducing unwanted air infiltration through cracks, seams and joints. This is because the spray foam insulation R-value is the highest R-value of any insulation product.

The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Lower energy cost

Stops drafts allergens and condensation

Better indoor air quality

Quieter indoor environment

Increased climate comfort

Does not settle or shrink

Adds structural strength

Seals cracks and voids

Lower your carbon footprint

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Servicing all of Louisiana – Including Metairie, Marrero, Harvey, Mandeville, LaPlace, Norco Covington, Gretna, Destrehan, Lacombe, Saint Rose, Madisonville, Baker, Slaughter, Zachary, Bay St. louis, Picayune, Diamondhead, and more.  Call (504) 919-9993, or any of our locations for more information on your service area!


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