Case Study: Chauvin Crawl Space Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation in the Crawl Space Solves Ongoing Moisture Problem

Wet, cold, damp floor problems can be solved by applying spray foam insulation in the crawl space.  Read what this professional engineer had to say when he hired Sunlight Contractors to do the job.

Preventing moisture damage to wooden subflooring

Engineer Jason Chauvin reached out to Sunlight Contractors about a home he’d recently purchased. Because the subflooring was not up-to-par, he was looking for a permanent vapor barrier that would prevent moisture from damaging the building while decreasing his utility bills.

Chauvin knew fiberglass batting only intensifies the problem. Moisture from Louisiana’s damp soil is soaked in by fiberglass batting, holding it close to the wooden floorboards common in most New Orleans architecture. Additionally, the bond tends to droop with time, creating a soggy breeding ground for mold, mildew, and rot as well as termites and insects.

Knowledgeable, safety-conscious insulation contractors

Chauvin invited Sunlight’s informed staff for a visit to share more insulation information. Impressed by the crew’s extensive advice on how to resolve the issue as well as the competitive prices, he asked the Sunlight team to insulate the underside of his raised home with closed cell foam spray.

The crew takes safety seriously and sets up signs to alert neighbors of the spraying as well as suiting up in personal protective equipment. It’s a fairly quick process, usually taking only one day. Once Corey Yates or another one of our SPFA-certified professionals applies the foam, it clings to the underside of the floorboards and a hard, firm substratum quickly forms. It’s this protective encapsulation that prevents both moisture damage and air leaks.

Spray foam insulation seals in energy and comfort

“As a building designer myself, I inspected every inch when the job was completed and was thoroughly pleased,” recalled Chauvin.

He’s already seen the results in his decreased energy consumption, as well as feeling more comfortable in the hot and cold seasons. The security of the moisture seal has also given him peace of mind as a new homeowner.  The temperature difference is surprising by just applying spray foam insulation to our crawl space. 

Chauvin stated, “I deal with contractors on a daily basis at work, and I highly recommend Sunlight Contractors. They’re honest and do the job right.”

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