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The French Quarter is unique, it is unlike any other city in the whole United States. The French Quarter is always bustling with a party also known as the Vieux Carre. The French Quarter was founded by the French and they brought over their architectural design to the streets of this national landmark. Jackson square is a destination that many tourists flock to, to experience the culture that remains prevalent to this day. The French quarter like all of New Orleans is known for not just their Madi Gras festivities but its uniquely designed homes including shot gun styles and archways detailed with history from across the globe. The French quarter is home to many creole aristocrats, businesses, restaurants, and million-dollar homes unique to this area.


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Spray Foam Insulation for French Quarter Homes

Frank D. of the French Quarter already knew the benefits of spray foam insulation, but he was asking the question, How to install spray foam insulation in existing walls.  Being in the French Quarter can come with its downfalls due to old construction techniques. Many homes do not have insulation in the walls, and the historic district is also strict due to its landmark status.

Many improvements need to be by code through the historical society and the Parish office. Frank D. decided to choose Sunlight Contractors to install spray foam on his roof deck in 2020. Frank will tell you this helped abundantly and even decreased his energy bills, but the improvement wasn’t enough. The way many homes are built in the French Quarter cause a draft in the winter and extreme temperatures in the summer.

Frank ripped away the cedar siding from his home discovering there was no insulation in his walls. He had found the culprit to why his home was not as comfortable as it should have been. Frank called Sunlight Contractors and we explained these three steps to spray foam in existing walls.

1-Drill holes in the wall.

2-Spray the foam into the holes until we have filled the cavity in each section.

3-Then continue to do this till every section is filled.

The portions of the wall that was completely removed was a lot easier to spray foam. Sunlight filled the entire cavity completely with spray foam and shaved the excess to make sure the walls were sheetrock ready.

Frank’s home was finally comfortable, quiet, and entirely energy efficient. Frank will now be able to deaden the loud noises from Mardi Gras parades that fill the streets of the French Quarter every year, and his family is finally nice and cozy. Read Frank’s review and see how satisfied he and his family are with Sunlight Contractors.

-Frank D. of New Orleans, Louisiana, French Quarter

"This is my second review of Sunlight Contractors LLC, who sprayed open cell foam on the bottom of my roof deck in August 2020. It was a nice improvement, but my family kept complaining that our old house was still chilly and drafty. I suspected they were secretly cold-blooded. But after they nagged me endlessly, I ripped off the cedar siding and found out there was no insulation in the walls. Guess who I called to fix that? Sunlight Contractors LLC, of course. The owner, Ira, and crew (Ashley, Jorge, Clayton & Alan) are very professional, courteous, and efficient throughout the whole process. They explained everything clearly and answered all my questions. They did a thorough job of sealing all the gaps and cracks in my house, and the difference is noticeable. My house feels warmer, quieter (extra benefit), and more comfortable. My family went from grumbling to melting in a matter of seconds. I highly recommend Sunlight Contractors LLC for anyone looking for quality foam insulation services. They are the best in the business."


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