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Luling’s rich history entails a railroad and sugar plantation town off the Mississippi River. Luling was widely known as Cajun Town, and represented the creole culture that exudes across New Orleans. Luling, being so close to the Mississippi River experiences hot summers with a lot of moisture in the air.

Luling experienced its form of tragedy with many plantations burning down, but Luling managed to bring the town back together with many homeowners coming together and creating communities that are still there to this day. The cultural and historical ambiance in a community is fascinating but structurally due to the age of these homes mold has taken over or poor structural strength.


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Spray Foam Insulation for Luling Homes

One of the key factors to minimizing mold after it is removed is to understand how your home regulates with the humidity in the air, understanding the proper insulation that will keep your home energy efficient, and the dehumidification systems that would be a great asset to any home that experienced moisture, mold, and rot. Heavy humidity doesn’t just cause mold or rot, it can cause adverse health issues directly related to the mold and air quality in your home.

The first step if you have mold in your home is to get the mold removed by a licensed mold remediation contractor. Mold travels in little particles around your home and must be removed properly by cordoning off areas and the mold must be killed with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certified mold killer and disinfectant. Negative air pressure machines, and dehumidifiers along with air purifiers should be placed around the home to completely remove the mold from the home, any wood that was taken over by mold, or started to rot due to mold should be replaced.

Spray Foam Roofing for Luling Businesses

All of these steps are common and essential, but these are not the final solutions that will solve your home from being mold free for the lifetime of the home. The benefits of combining dehumidification with insulation is astounding. The proper insulation and dehumidification system will guarantee your home will not experience mold again. Open cell spray foam is common in the attic while blown in cellulose or spray foam insulation would be essential in the walls. The subfloor can only perform at its best with closed cell spray foam on the underside of the wooden substrate. Insulation hand in hand with the dehumidification system will protect your home from high humidity and reverse any mold from forming.

If your home is experiencing mold or moisture problems with high temperature or humidity showing on your HVAC thermostat a dehumidification unit plumbed in would serve to control the humidity throughout the entire home. Insulation and dehumidification both regulate your home’s temperature, causing your home to become energy efficient, protects from musty odors, makes your home feel cooler so you save on A/C bills, and protects the structural strength of your home. Kyle M of Luling, LA was a satisfied customer who experienced mold throughout his entire home, after removing the mold we installed spray foam insulation, a dehumidification system that can pull up to 150-pints of water out of his home a day, and a REME Halo purification system that was added onto the dehumidification system to purify the air all around his house with UV lights causing the best possible air quality he could obtain. Read what Kyle had to say about Sunlight Contractors.

-Kyle M from Luling, Louisiana

“We had a recurring and significant mold problem in our home. We were very fortunate to find in our research Sunlight Contractors, which was well-recommended in reviews. Sunlight Contractors developed a comprehensive plan to remove the mold from our home – both visible and non-visible, while also preventing it from recurring. Under the plan as developed, our roof, which had leaks was first replaced and the compromised and moldy insulation was completely removed from the attic. While working on the attic, Ira and his team were extremely thorough in removing mold throughout the house. It is too much to recap in this review, but Sunlight Contractors had state of the art equipment and products to do this job rapidly, and had an experienced and knowledgeable work force to execute the plan. They did the floor, walls, and ceilings in the home, and also removed and replaced a portion of the ceiling where mold had been hiding.

In the attic, they removed and replaced floorboards, took our the prior insulation, and replaced it with a thick layer of spray foam insulation, also ceiling the attic to prevent squirrel entry. They cleaned the coils on our HVAC units and installed dehumidification systems and Reme Halo units to keep our home dehumidified and sanitized.

Sunlight Contractors was cost conscious throughout the process and took steps to be expedient and to limit homeowner inconvenience. We look forward to enjoying our home with cleaner and better air quality and to be done with mold recurrence. We recommend Sunlight Contractors for anyone who is having similar problems.”



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