Cold Floor Solution – Crawl Space Insulation

Using spray foam insulation to encapsulate a New Orleans historic homeWhat do you get when you cross a 110-year-old double shotgun camelback house with no sub-flooring and crawl space insulation? A lot more comfort and more money in your pocket.  At least, that’s what Roger C. discovered after having Sunlight Contractors, LLC do a closed spray foam insulation makeover on his Uptown District New Orleans home.

Before he called Sunlight Contractors, Roger’s home had no insulation under the flooring except some traditional fiberglass batting, which he says fell down after only six months and “never worked anyway.” He finally decided that thirty winters of suffering from frozen toes, shivering in the perpetual draftiness and paying outrageous heating bills was long enough. That’s when he called Ira.

Ira answered all his questions about licensing and certification and provided a competitive estimate, says Roger. In no time, Sunlight Contractors professionals were hard at work installing closed cell spray foam beneath the wooden floorboards under the crawlspace of Roger’s home.

Sealing or “encapsulating” subfloors with closed cell spray foam insulation keep the crawlspace temperature more similar to that of the rooms above, which means warmer floors in winter. The foam is not only an excellent vapor/air barrier but is also impervious to moisture. As a bonus, when your subfloors are encapsulated, heating ducts lose less heat, so even if outside temperatures reach extreme lows, you won’t have to worry about your plumbing pipes — or your toes — freezing.Using spray foam insulation to encapsulate a New Orleans historic home

While encapsulating subfloors with closed cell spray foam may cost a bit more than using other types of insulation, nothing has been proven more effective as an air barrier or energy efficiency booster. Closed cell spray foam is the perfect solution for sealing conditioned air in and exterior air out.

Just one month after the installation, Roger reported a significant difference both in his comfort and energy use. “It’s noticeably warmer and less drafty, and the furnace goes [off] less frequently. I just feel that I’m probably going to save a good deal of money this year for heating bills, and probably air conditioning next summer. My experience with Sunlight Contractors has been very good.”


Let Sunlight Contractors encapsulate your subfloor. No matter how old or new your home is, they’ll make sure that your cold floors gone and your home is barefoot-comfortable no matter what the season.

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