Cure Southern Louisiana’s Cold Winters / Cure Stack Effect Foam Insulation Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Prairieville and surrounding areas

Why the stack effect leaves Louisiana homeowners cold

The brutality of southern Louisiana’s winters often surprises visitors. High levels of humidity combined with colder air creates a chill that goes straight to the bones. Homeowners whose historic houses feature original wood floorboards are subject to the cold even indoors thanks to the stack effect.

In the winter, the air warmed by your furnace rises, passing through cracks and gaps around light fixtures and wall joists into the attic where it does no good to anyone. If your attic is poorly insulated, the air that you’ve paid so much to heat disappears into the great outdoors. As that air leaves your home, cold air from beneath your home is pulled in, taking the place of heated air, starting the heating cycle all over again.

No matter how energy efficient your furnace may be, if it’s continually forced to heat cold, outside air, that efficiency is lost. Your furnace must work harder, costing you more money and wasting energy.  Eliminating the stack effect is easy with spray foam as your insulation.

Sealing out the cold with spray foam insulation

Spray foam insulation provides the dual benefits of air and moisture sealing as well as insulating against the cold. When open cell spray foam is applied in the attic, it prevents conditioned air from escaping through the top of your home. When closed cell spray foam is applied to your subflooring, no cold outside air can infiltrate your home.

The good news is that by having your home air sealed and insulated by the licensed and SPFA certified professionals at Sunlight Contractors, you can reduce heating and cooling utility bills by 20% or more. Even better: air sealing is a once in a lifetime repair. Once your home is air sealed home, it stays sealed, in other words, you have just eliminated the stack effect in your home.

A total house makeover for improved winter comfort

In a recent case study, we shared the story of Bonnie and Joe Meteye, who called on Sunlight Contractors to help repair the damage done by less conscientious contractors. After remediating for moisture damage and mold growth, we sealed up the Meteye’s home with open cell spray foam in the attic and closed cell applied to the subflooring.

The Meteyes were thrilled to finally have their floors safe from moisture damage and buckling, but that’s only the beginning of the benefits they’ll reap by encapsulating their home. Homeowners report saving as much as 40% in utility bills after having their homes enveloped in spray foam, and SPF prevents between 40% to 50% of home energy loss, according to US Department of Energy testing.

Contact Sunlight Contractors for a warmer home this winter

Sunlight Contractors is Louisiana’s most highly trained and certified insulation contractors. With our knowledge, expertise and experience, we can help you create a more comfortable, more energy-efficient, and cozier home for the holidays.

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