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Just across the causeway from New Orleans, the quaint city of Covington faces the same moisture control issues and sweltering summer heat as its neighbors to the south as well as chillier winters. Through the use of affordable spray polyurethane foam for floors, attic, walls, and roofing needs, we’ve helped Covington homeowners and business owners lower their utility costs while improving their energy efficiency.


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Spray Foam Insulation for Covington Homes

Open cell spray foam insulation has done wonders to air seal attics as well as providing much-needed insulation for owners of Covington’s beautiful historic homes. Multifunctional spray foam provides an ideal energy solution to problems like exterior air infiltration and conditioned air loss through cracks and the stack effect, and it lowers the temperature of attics significantly.

We’ve also used closed cell spray foam to seal Covington homeowners’ crawlspaces against moisture, air, and insect infiltration. Closed cell’s dense, water-resistant texture ensures that homes are protected against the buildup of molds, mildews, and other indoor air pollutants.

Spray Foam Roofing for Covington Businesses

Covington’s thriving businesses are ideal candidates for the benefits of spray foam insulation as well as spray foam roofing. Through the air sealing properties of spray foam, commercial and industrial buildings can be made more comfortable and more energy-efficient. That translates to enormous savings in utility costs for Covington business owners.

Spray foam roofing to increase the durability and weather resistance of industrial buildings. This alternative roofing material is not only longer-lasting than traditional roofing materials, but it’s a greener roofing alternative. An application will reduce your heating and cooling costs while increasing your overall energy efficiency and comfort.

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