New Homeowners Build RESNET-Ready Home with Cellulose Insulation

Wise Louisiana residents like David and Kelly Pavon, who are building their new home from the ground up, consider the rising cost of utilities as they undertake construction. Planning ahead and making energy efficient choices can greatly reduce the cost of heating and cooling over the years.

Part of planning ahead is hiring contractors who understand your desire for an energy smart home and who are trained in RESNET energy efficiency standards. Construction crews who know that the final product of their labor will be assessed through a RESNET energy audit by an independent third party will invest greater effort in maintaining practices that will increase your home’s energy efficiency.

In the case of the Pavons, blown in cellulose insulation was an important part of their building plan. Once the home’s framework was in place, Sunlight Contractors lined joists with Insulweb, a polypropylene netting that can be used during construction to hold cellulose insulation in place before the installation of drywall. Afterwards, Corey and the team used a high pressure blower to install a dense layer of environmentally friendly blown in cellulose.

By filling the empty spaces between joists with blown in cellulose insulation, the Pavons can be sure that spaces around windows, doors, seams, and electrical and plumbing outlets are sealed tight. They’ve also added a protective layer of insulation that will help them maintain consistent, comfortable temperatures in their home year round.

At an R-value of about R-3.5 per inch of thickness, tightly packed cellulose provides an insulation alternative that’s both affordable and comfortable. The Department of Energy recommends installing about 20% more blown-in than is initially required in order to maintain the R-value as the fluffy material settles over time; even so, cellulose is an affordable solution to drafty rooms.

With a sealed envelope and a high R-value insulation in place, the Pavons’ home is guaranteed to be energy efficient from day one. That’s one of the advantages of building a home to your own specifications. However, even if your home is older, blown in cellulose can be used to add a layer of insulation to your walls. A small hole can be drilled high on most walls allowing for the installation of cellulose even in centuries old structures.

A home that’s had cellulose insulation installed and other energy smart building decisions in place will pass a RESNET energy audit with flying colors. If you’re building a home in southern Louisiana, be sure to get in touch with the energy experts at Sunlight Contractors. Our RESNET certified consultants will help you develop an energy plan that ensures your home is energy efficient from the very beginning.


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