Subfloor Spray Foam Maurepas, Louisiana – Immediate Results in Floor Temperature with Sunlight Contractors of Baton Rouge

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Subfloor Spray Foam in Maurepas, Louisiana – Homeowners are ready to winterize with the right contractors – Sunlight Contractors of Baton Rouge

When Steven and Adrienne Halphen of Maurepas, Louisiana, decided to encapsulate their home’s crawl space with 1800 sq. ft. of closed cell spray foam insulation, it wasn’t a light decision. While properly installed spray foam saves homeowners money and keeps them more comfortable, improperly installed spray foam can be an expensive liability.

To make sure that they were spending their money wisely, the Halphen’s did their due diligence, interviewing several contractors until they found the one that was just right for their needs.

Sunlight Contractors’ owner Corey Yates is one of the most experienced and credentialed insulation contractors in southern Louisiana, and he takes the time to assess each homeowner’s situation before making recommendations.

From cold feet to consistent heat in three days

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Before they called Sunlight Contractors, the Halphen home had no insulation under the flooring. That led to long winters of suffering from frozen toes, shivering in the perpetual draftiness and paying outrageous heating bills.

Within three days of speaking to Corey, the Halphen’s problems were solved. Corey and his team of professional contractors quickly sealed, or “encapsulated,” their subfloors with closed cell spray foam insulation, which keeps the temperature of crawl spaces close to that of the rooms above, which means warmer floors in winter.

  • When subfloors are encapsulated, heating ducts lose significantly less heat.
  • Even if outside temperatures reach extreme lows, the Halphens won’t have to worry about their plumbing pipes — or their toes — freezing.

Nothing has been proven more effective as an air barrier or energy efficiency booster as encapsulating your subfloors with closed cell spray foam. Closed cell spray foam is the perfect solution for sealing conditioned air in and exterior air out.

Adrienne is certainly happy that she made the choice, letting her friends and neighbors know when she says, “I can not express enough how courteous and professional treated this company was. If you need anything done for your home, THIS IS THE COMPANY you should call.”

A rave subfloor spray foam review from a Baton Rouge area homeowner

“If I could I would give this company a 10-star rating I would. It has been so long since I have dealt with a company that does what they promise, when promised.”

What would cause a Facebook user from the Baton Rouge area to give these kinds of rave reviews of a company? You might call it “the Sunlight Contractors Advantage,” but we call it just another day at the office.

Call Sunlight Contractors to winterize your home today!

If you’re already feeling the chill in your toes, let Sunlight Contractors encapsulate your subfloor. We’ll make sure that your home is barefoot-comfortable no matter what the season. If you’re in the Baton Rouge area call us at 225-361-2835 and we’re located at 721 Government St, Suite #103-216
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