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Chalmette, Louisiana has a rich and beautiful history dating back to the civil war. The America forces beat the British forces in the battle of New Orleans on the Chalmette Plantation. Historical landmarks like this are across Chalmette and before Hurricane Katrina there were many landmarks that flourished across Chalmette. Hurricane Katrina, like all of the Southeast region, devastated Chalmette and caused a lot of major flooding and storm damage. Much of this damage around Chalmette is mold, rotting, uninsulated houses, or poorly insulated houses. Roof replacement that was not done up to code by many fly by night companies that called themselves experienced contractors.


With 1000+ five-star reviews, Sunlight Contractors is the most trusted installer of spray foam insulation in NOLA.

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Spray Foam Insulation for Chalmette Homes

When searching for home restoration and renovations every homeowner should know How to choose a spray foam insulation contractor. The contractor you choose should have a wealth of knowledge about the product they would be installing in their home and meet certain requirements including.

∙ Prioritize safety.

∙ Licensed and insured by the state.

∙ Provide the proper material and prove that their materials are up to code, for example spray foam barrels should come from a reputable manufacturer, they must all be from the same lot number, and should not be mixed with different kinds of spray foams.

∙ Follow all manufacturer’s instructions, codes from the state, and can guarantee a passing mark from any inspectors.

∙  Understand building science and can give a valid reason why certain products should be used.

Many spray foam companies are not licensed or insured due to Louisiana allowing Home Improvement contractors to bid on jobs for less than $75,000. The problem with this is these contractors do not have to have any experience in the field or schooling, to become a home improvement contractor they are only required to fill out an application with the state. To be licensed with the LSLBC (Louisiana State Licensing Board of Contractors) you must pass exams, and schooling. The more licenses and certifications your contractor have the more knowledgeable you know they have on building science, proper ventilation, spray foam insulation, and air sealing.

Certifications and licenses can go along way but experience and what previous customers say about a company can be the deciding factor for many homeowners. Sunlight Contractors has over 2,000 A+ reviews including reviews like Stephen B. from Chalmette, Louisiana. Who thought about renovating his home for 4 or 5 years before he decided to move forward. Stephen was immediately happy with the work Sunlight provided and he was glad that he had done his research on not just his home but on the perfect contractor to choose.

Whenever you’re deciding on improvements for your home especially if it requires such a big investment you should trust that your contractor will provide you work that is up to code, everything will be properly installed, and they will provide a fair market price. Read Stephen B’s review and call Sunlight Contractors for all your spray foam needs.

-Stephen B. of Chalmette, Louisiana

“I had been thinking for the last 4 or 5 years about getting insulation work done in my 40+ year old raised house but having tired of how cold this house gets in winter, I decided that this was time to actually take action. Having done some research and costing, Sunlight Contractors seemed to stand out, in my opinion, so I contacted them. They responded very quickly and had someone to take a look, and after a very thorough look under the house, including taking moisture readings of the sub floor and structure, quoted a price for removing the existing fiberglass batts and spraying closed cell foam. Having agreed the price, their crew showed up and got to work, and they work hard! As they were spraying the foam under the floor I immediately could feel how solid and quiet walking around had become.

Add to that the fact that tiled areas felt more comfortable, and I knew I had made the right decision. The crew did a great job overall, and left the very minimum of mess, which took me minutes to pick up. I also contracted Sunlight to dense-pack cellulose in the exterior wall cavities, as I was convinced there was no insulation in them. This morning they arrived and started prep work and found that there was actually fiberglass insulation in the walls, which I was very surprised to see! So plans changed and they began the process of doing it right - removing siding, sheathing and insulation, all of which was as old as the house, and much of which appeared to never have been much use. That fiberglass is being replaced by spray foam, then covered with new plywood sheathing and house wrap.

The crew chief mentioned to me that the windows had not been installed with flashing, which I had found out myself, but the wall they completed today now has properly installed windows, ready for siding. All in all, so far I am very pleased and impressed with Sunlight Contractors, and in my opinion they have definitely earned my recommendation. They are easy to work with, and I am never in doubt as to what is going on; they are prompt, hard-working and keep me informed and have answered any questions I have had. Now I can look forward to far more comfortable winters, and of course their work can only help in summer.”

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