How Sunlight Contractors fulfills tall spray foam insulation orders

spray foam new orleans sunlight contractors Spray foam insulation in a new construction“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” Marvin Gaye sang it in the 60s. Diana Ross sang it again in the 70s. In 2016, maybe Sunlight Contractors, LLC should consider dropping their own version. They could call it “Ain’t No Ceiling High Enough.” Because not even the 35-foot ceilings in Bill Schaefer’s new 11,648 square-foot New Orleans home proved too big or difficult a job for the professionals at Sunlight!

Bill first met representatives from Sunlight Contractors at the Louisiana Home Show, where they shared information about the many benefits of spray foam insulation. More than a year later, Bill still remembered their clear and impressive presentation, prompting him to give them a call about insulating his new home. He never expected that they’d honor the price quote they’d given him oh-so-long ago, but that’s exactly what they did.

Sunlight Contractors set to work, applying open cell spray foam insulation in the home’s walls and in his 8,212 square-foot attic. Spray foam is a rigid foam plastic that can seal around walls, roofs, and corners and even on contoured surfaces. The “magic” behind the product, which has been improving building performance since the mid 20th century, lies in its quick reaction upon application. As it’s sprayed, it expands to fill in gaps before setting into a dense consistency. In its final form, spray foam provides an air barrier to increase year-round comfort while reducing energy costs.

Covering Bill’s 35-foot ceilings was definitely a “tall order,” but nothing that Sunlight couldn’t handle. They simply built scaffolding to enable them to do the job correctly and ensure that not even the loftiest spots were missed.spray foam new orleans sunlight contractors Spray foam insulation in a new construction 1

When the insulation work was done, Sunlight Contractors trimmed the wall cavities to make sure the foam was flush for proper sheetrock application. Finally, they fired up their high-powered vacuum to make sure the job site was left as clean as a whistle.

Bill, it seems, couldn’t be more pleased. He calls Sunlight Contractors “the most honest, reliable and professional company I have ever worked with,” and specifically praises Ira for his daily communication throughout the entire process. “They are truly a first class company. Not to mention the product is amazing. I would recommend them to anyone.”


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