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Closed cell spray foam review

Home renovations provide challenge enough when you’re on site, but imagine trying to get your dream home ready to live in while you’re in another state. Natalie Foster was living in Washington when she began looking for contractors to install closed cell spray foam to the sub-flooring in her New Orleans home. That meant finding reliable, professional contractors based on online reviews and phone interviews alone.

A reputation for professionalism and efficiency

After careful research, Natalie chose the insulation contractors at Sunlight Contractors, LLC. Our reputation for professionalism and efficiency paired with our SPFA certifications gave her confidence that we could be trusted even in her absence. We make sure that our spray foam installers are at the cutting edge of our industry, undertaking intensive training in order to tackle a variety of energy problems and installation challenges.

Prior to the installation of closed cell spray foam, the sub-flooring of Natalie’s raised cottage was exposed to harsh winds, moisture, and pests. Thought it was protected in the event of minor flooding, it wasn’t protected from the moisture rising up from the crawl space’s damp earth. Consequently, moisture-related problems would invariably pose a threat to the structural integrity, the comfort, and even the affordability of the home.

An air tight home is an affordable home

That’s right. A floor that’s been air sealed and insulated with closed cell spray foam is more affordable than an uninsulated floor. Even small cracks in flooring provide space for conditioned air to leak out of the home and exterior air to infiltrate the home. Energy leaks can mean the loss of 40% or more of your conditioned air to the outside, which means a much higher utility bill. The monolithic seal provided by closed cell spray foam prevents energy loss through the flooring, and improved energy efficiency and conservation means a reduced monthly heating and cooling bill.

Closed cell spray foam has the one of the best R-values on the market, and a thick layer applied to the undersides of a raised home like Natalie’s not only helps to prevent drafts, but it also keeps temperatures more consistent all year. The air sealing and temperature control properties of this product are unparalleled in the insulation and energy efficiency industry.

Don’t sacrifice long term savings by hiring sloppy contractors

Of course, all of the money saving elements of closed cell spray foam mean nothing if it’s applied incorrectly. That’s why hiring trained, certified contractors like Natalie did is important. Allowing inexperienced, sloppy contractors to install spray foam insulation – even if they offer a lower price – can cost significantly more in the long run.

If you have a home in southern Louisiana, and you’re ready to start saving money while improving the energy efficiency and structural integrity of your home, give Sunlight Contractors, LLC a call. Our energy experts will help you develop a plan for improved energy usage and greater comfort through spray foam insulation.

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