Subfloor Spray Foam Walker, Louisiana Reducing Cold Caused By Humidity – Spray Foam Baton Rouge and Spray Foam Walker Louisiana

How humidity contributes to the bitter cold of Walker, Denham Springs, Baton Rouge and other southern Louisiana cities

  • Humidity causes temperatures to feel colder – and we’ll explain how one Walker, Louisiana resident used spray foam insulation to fix this.  

You may not associate balmy southern Louisiana with cold weather, but winter can feel more bitter here than anywhere else. How is that possible? High levels of humidity. Yes, the same culprit for Louisiana’s sweltering summers. In many older southern Louisiana homes, it’s just as humid in the living room as it is out on the porch because moisture permeates these homes through cracks and crevices.

  •     In the winter, perspiration is absorbed by our clothes, pulling heat away from your body, leaving you chilled to the bone. For example, during the summer, our bodies cool us down through perspiration. As the perspiration evaporates, we’re left feeling cooler. Humidity prevents perspiration from evaporating, meaning winters can feel extra cold in cities like Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Denham Springs, Louisiana. 

Subfloor Spray Foam is the homeowner’s solution to indoor humidity – Walker, Louisiana

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  • Jodie Carlin, a homeowner in Walker, Louisiana, decided to eliminate the problem of indoor humidity once and for all by having contractors apply open cell spray foam insulation to her home’s subflooring.
  • Once installed, closed cell spray foam creates a monolithic vapor barrier that prevents moisture from homes through floorboards, joists, and other leaks. By removing the causes of moisture, humidity is reduced as well as the chill that it creates in winter.

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How winterizing with closed cell spray foam benefits southern Louisiana homeowners in Walker, Denham Springs & Baton Rouge

The advantages Jodie gains through closed cell spray foam are not limited to moisture prevention. By hiring the knowledgeable contractors at Sunlight Contractors to apply high R-value closed cell spray foam to her crawl space or subfloor encapsulation, she also gains a financial advantage.

  • Reduces the presence of humidity, condensation, moisture and mold
  • Provides sound and outdoor barrier
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Saves money on utilities
  • GREENGUARD gold certified
  • Closed cell spray foam also prevents conditioned air from escaping through cracks in the sub-flooring of her home. That means the air that she pays to heat will stay inside, creating consistent comfort in every room without raising the thermostat.

How Sunlight Contractors helped one Walker, Louisiana homeowner get ready for winter

When Jodie decided to winterize her home by encapsulating her crawl space, she got in touch with the insulation experts at Sunlight Contractors. As we do for each and every client, we provided Jodie with a free energy audit to determine where moisture and external air were penetrating her home. Then we worked with her to develop a sustainable plan to increase her home’s comfort and energy efficiency.

Jodie appreciated our expertise and commitment to professionalism, saying, “Sunlight Contractors is reasonably priced, easy to contact, and returns calls quickly, which I appreciate when I have questions.”

Call Sunlight Contractors, the spray foam insulation experts to winterize your home today!

If you’re interested in winterizing your home, contact Sunlight Contractors for your free energy audit and to develop your own home comfort plan. Call our Baton Rouge location at (225) 361-2835 and Sunlight Contractors is located at 721 Government St. Suite #103-216 Baton Rouge, LA 70802.

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