Case Study: Singh Attic And Wall Insulation

Sunlight Contractors new home spray foam insulation new orleans, la

Proper insulation crucial for your home’s energy-efficiency, comfort, and quality – Attic and wall insulation

Kalpana Singh was serious about making sure that her new 4000-square-foot Baton Rouge home was properly insulated.

Effective insulation helps maintain consistent temperatures in a home, making things easier on your HVAC system and resulting in greater energy efficiency and year-round comfort. While it seals out leaks and serves as an air and thermal barrier, it also fends off moisture-related problems like mold and mildew, and provides both superior sound and fire-proofing benefits.

Kalpana’s five months of research to find the best people to do the job turned up consistently excellent reviews of Sunlight Contractors. She even talked to seven previous customers and says she was “astonished” by the great things they had to say about the company.

Knowledge, expertise, and experience vital to effective attic and wall insulation

Still, Kalpana wanted to make sure that her money was well-spent. She asked for more information about the person who would install their insulation, since she knew that the knowledge and expertise of that person is one of the most critical aspects of the job.

Ira Bosh promptly supplied the details, and owner and founder Corey Yates’ credentials, technical knowledge, well-rounded experience and expertise enabled him to answer every question and provide recommendations and solutions specific to their project.

Sunlight does the job right

Confident that Sunlight was the clear choice, Kalpana hired them to install open cell spray foam in their attic and above their garages, and open cell spray foam on the exterior wall of the media room.

“The project was completed and my builder and I both inspected it. We are very pleased,” says Kalpana.

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