Licensed Home Inspection

Sunlight Contractors offers professional home inspections. Each inspection is performed by a licensed home inspector.

Home Inspector

It's important to hire a home inspector that has years of experience so you can be sure it's done right. After all, you are potentially basing your home purchase on the results of the home inspection. It needs to be done right.  Our inspector, Michael Turner, has significant knowledge after 12 years of being a licensed home inspector.


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Michael J. Turner – Home Inspector & Licensed Contractor

Michael understands the principles of building and has all the equipment needed to create a professional, detailed report. He also offers infrared inspection, which allows him to provide the most advanced inspection throughout your home including the roof. Your walls may seem impossible to see behind, but with infrared imaging he can detect moisture intrusion or if any insulation exists in the wall cavities without having to open the walls.

Certifications & Licenses

LA State Residential Contractor #885905

LA State Electrical Contractor #58032

LA State HVAC Contractor #58032

LA State General Contractor #58032

Home Inspection License# 10762

Pest Exterminator License #00151310

Structural and Survey Evaluations

Cost Estimates

Infrared Camera Detection

Moisture Intrusion-Mold Sampling/Testing

Indoor Air Quality Sampling/Testing

EIFS Stucco (PI, PM, PB)

Fortified Roof-Silver & Gold

Buyers Inspection

New Home Buyers

When you want to know the ins and outs of a home, a buyer’s inspection will do just that. One of the most common inspections is when a buyer is purchasing a home. Michael will uncover unsafe parts of the home and vital repairs that must be made before moving in. Michael provides tips, maintenance ideas, and repair designs for your new home in his very thorough and detailed inspection report.


The home inspectors insurance protects you and your home from faulty work and inexperienced inspectors.

Workers' Compensation

General Liability

Errors & Omissions

Surety Bonds are also available.
(Residential and Commercial)

home inspector inspecting outside

Home Inspection Report

  • Electrical System
  • Exterior System
  • Interior System
  • Heating & Cooling Systems
  • Plumbing Systems
  • Roofing Systems
  • Structural Systems
  • Insulation & Ventilation Systems
  • Appliance Systems
  • Any other related residential housing systems

A Few Inspection Duties

  • Video Plumbing
  • Termites
  • Suspected Mold
  • Cost/Value
  • Septic Tank Inspections


Home inspectors do not “pass or fail” the home, like inspectors for the parish or the city. Home inspectors simply point out deficiencies in the home. Some deficiencies may be major and need to be looked at right away. Some deficiencies are categorized as deferred maintenance, for example an inspector may note upgrade plumbing because of some corrosion, these upgrades are not major deficiencies and do not need to be repaired immediately. Home inspectors again do not “pass or fail” a home but report the conditions of the home with a detailed report. An inspection report identifies every problem a home has down to the smallest of problems like too much caulking or an unsealed window.


Inspectors have various skills, education, training, licenses, and experience. To become a home inspector Louisiana requires 90 hours of training, 30 hours of platform training, and 10 live home inspections with a board approved inspector. Continuing education is ongoing for every inspector, but NOT every inspector has the plethora of knowledge that Michael does. All of Michael’s licenses and certifications give the homeowner an advantage and piece of mind knowing they hired a knowledgeable, experienced, and detailed-oriented inspector, who will document Michael has Significant knowledge after 12 years of being a licensed home inspector. Every deficiency no matter how minor. This is a PLUS for ALL homeowners new and old.

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