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For over a decade, Sunlight Contractors has served the spray foam insulation and mold remediation needs of New Orleans and all of the South Louisiana area.

Why Choose Sunlight?

Sunlight Contractors, LLC is the top provider for spray foam insulation services, blown-in cellulose services, all blown-in insulation for residential homes and commercial buildings. We are licensed and certified Spray Foam Installers and Mold Remediation Experts.


With 1000+ five-star reviews, Sunlight Contractors is the most trusted installer of spray foam insulation in NOLA.

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The Most Licensed, The Most Trusted

Corey Yates, the owner of Sunlight Contractors LLC, is the single most licensed residential insulation installer in the state. Corey holds seven different license classifications from the Louisiana State Licensing Board For Contractors (LSLBC) . He is a Master spray foamer certified by the SPFA. Corey also has an additional 7 certifications with the Building performance institute.  Unlike many other CEOs, Corey stays involved hands-on with every job that we do to ensure that customers get the utmost quality every time.

We provide free complete energy assessments at the beginning of every job.. Our energy analysts are certified RESNET Home Energy Raters and certified BPI Building Performance Analysts, so you can rest assured that the assessment they give you will be spot on.

Once we've determined your current energy waste, we can help you develop a plan to fulfill your energy potential.  A full range of insulation options are at your disposal when you choose Sunlight Contractors, from more traditional cellulose insulation to supremely energy-efficient spray foam insulation. Our pros will seal up your house so that you can begin to save energy and money right away.

No other energy efficiency company can provide the solutions and services that Sunlight Contractor does. From evaluations and estimates to energy conservation and production, we’re your one-stop-shop for energy efficiency. If you are interested in getting in on the savings, please call our toll-free number: 1-855-617-6527 or email Sunlight Contractors today for a complete home energy audit. Let’s get started on your home energy savings plan!  For more information about us or about our services, please contact us today.

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