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Sunlight Contractors serving Slidell, Louisiana and all of Southeast Louisiana with Mold Remediation, Spray Foam Insulation and Flooding Related Drywall Damage

Sunlight Keeps Slidell Comfy

Slidell, Louisiana enjoys the same balmy climate as its neighbor to the south New Orleans, but its winters are just a little chillier. Because it seals against moisture damage caused by humidity and provides consistent insulation in fluctuating temperatures, spray foam insulation is a perfect choice for any floor, attic, wall, and roofing needs that Slidell homeowners and business owners experience. Plus, it’s energy efficient, which means they’re saving money on their monthly utility costs!


With 1000+ five-star reviews, Sunlight Contractors is the most trusted installer of spray foam insulation in NOLA.

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Our Projects In Slidell

Spray Foam Insulation for Slidell Homes

The humidity and extreme seasonal temperatures of Slidell can mean wildly fluctuating monthly utility bills as well as moisture-related issues like mildew, mold, and termites. Spray polyurethane foam, a home improvement tool capable of serious multi-tasking, provides solutions to all of these problems and more!

While open cell spray foam is the perfect choice for attic encapsulation, closed cell spray foam does wonders for crawlspaces. Both products provide insulation and air sealing, which can decrease energy loss as well as high utility bills. They also deter insects and moisture buildup, which are important considerations in southern Louisiana.

Spray Foam Roofing for Slidell Businesses

Southern Louisiana has been one of the few areas of the country to actually thrive during the recession, and the businesses in Slidell are no exception. Spray foam can make business even more profitable by lowering the overhead costs associated with heating and cooling as well as structural maintenance.

Spray foam insulation installed in a commercial or industrial structure keeps temperatures comfortable and consistent while spray foam roofing not only insulates but also makes buildings more durable and weather resistant. Together, these two energy solutions help Slidell businesses improve the comfort of staff and clientele, reduce monthly utility costs, and also improve the energy efficiency of valuable business facilities.

We provide service to all of Southeast Louisiana. Our closest locations where we service spray foam and mold remediation:

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