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Lacombe, Louisiana is less crowded than New Orleans, but it is a peaceful and beautiful sight to see. Lacombe is located adjacent to the Big Branch wildlife Reserve and Lacombe is a place where you can enjoy the bayou waters and the natural landscape that the Northshore provides. You can rent your own kayak in Lacombe and enjoy the bayou or head over to the many eateries and enjoy down home Louisiana cooking.


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Insulation for Lacombe Homes

Since Lacombe is less populated than New Orleans you can experience homes with far more land and rural property. Lacombe is also home to many untraditional homes like barndominiums, cargo container homes, and Quonset homes. Having less restrictions than the city, Lacombe is a place where your imagination can run wild, and you can have the home of your dreams.

Sunlight Contractors helped Carrie S. make her dreams come true and provided comfortable living conditions for her newly built Quonset home. This home was built as a metal structure with curved arches creating a unique shape for her home. When completing the home Carrie needed to decide on how to properly insulate the home to have proper ventilation, energy efficiency, and a proper type of insulation to act as a protection against the elements. Some homeowners do not know the difference between open cell vs. closed cell, and where they should be applied.

Closed Cell Spray Foam for Lacombe Businesses

Open cell spray foam is an air barrier, and thermal barrier. It is not a vapor barrier because it is made of porous material. The best application for open cell spray foam would be on the roof line of the home in the attic on the rafters which is a wooden substrate. Open cell spray foam is always strongly recommended in case a roof leak occurs. The leak would flow down through the open cell spray foam and be within a 5-foot area of the leak, so it is easy to spot where the roof leak is on the roof.

Installing closed cell spray foam on the rafters of the underside of the roof would run the risk of rotting the roof out if there was a major leak because it wouldn’t travel through the spray foam to be spotted. The water would be encapsulated in the roof between the closed cell spray foam and the roof underlayment. There is an exception to this rule, closed cell spray foam can be installed on the roofline if the roof is new and in good condition. Regular checks of the roof should be assessed every 3 months to avoid mold growth and damaging your roof.

Closed cell spray foam is a non-porous polyurethane foam and is recommended to be installed in the crawlspaces of raised homes, walls, or metal buildings. Closed cell spray foam is an air barrier, thermal barrier, and vapor barrier. Carrie’s Quonset home was a metal structure and was a perfect candidate for closed cell spray foam. Sunlight Contractors filled the cavity of the home’s walls with 3” of closed cell spray foam creating a monolithic seal with no thermal break. Closed cell spray foam will be a great addition to this homes structural integrity and keep this Quonset home energy efficient for many years. Read Carrie’s review on the installation Sunlight Contractors installed in her beautiful new home.

-Carrie s. of Locombe, LA

“We’re building a custom Quonset home and wanted an insulation product that added strength  to the structure, wouldn’t have a problem with humidity, and would work passively to offset heating and cooling cost. We opted for 3” fill going on the curved metal sidewalks and traditional framed end walls. Sunlight’s crew did phenomenal work. They masked off, sprayed, cleaned up, and made an AMAZING difference to our home! This place will be ready for all kinds of weather. “

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