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Sunlight Contractors has the remedy for damaged and mold riddled subfloors.

Harahan, Louisiana is a beautiful suburb of New Orleans. Harahan was built as an agriculture community residing by the Mississippi river. Harahan is rich in history and prior to the Huey P. Long Bridge being built, Harahan was the only point on the Mississippi river where railcars can come through. The Mississippi river is a staple of this community but no one forethought the troubles it would cause to many people’s homes.


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Closed cell spray foam Insulation for Harahan Homes

Harahan, like many homes in Louisiana, are raised on piers and beams to avoid flooding in these low-lying communities. The problem with raised homes is the improper use of insulation or the lack of insulation. Many homeowners experience high humidity causing tons of moisture in the air especially being so close to the Mississippi river. This causes the wood substrate to absorb all the moisture causing molding and rotting. The lack of insulation makes the wooden substrate in the crawlspace susceptible to all the elements with no source of protection.

Once the moisture has soaked into the wooden substrate the interior floors start buckling, cupping, or warping. Closed cell spray foam also cannot be installed due to the high moisture content causing the closed cell spray foam to not adhere properly. Be mindful that moisture readings must be taken by any contractor who is going to install closed cell spray foam in the subfloor because the spray foam will have an adverse effect and damage the subfloor more by encapsulating all the moisture in your crawlspace and rotting your floors out completely. Sunlight Contractors always provides Crawlspace moisture solutions by performing moisture readings and full inspections of the floor joists, beams, sills, and piers before installing closed cell spray foam in any subfloor to avoid mold, rotting, and improper installation all around.

Spray Foam for Crawlspaces in Harahan Businesses

One common misconception that many homeowners have is that their crawlspace is adequate because they have fiberglass insulation under their home. Fiberglass insulation absorbs moisture and is not an air barrier. The damp conditions of Louisiana, including high humidity and hot temperatures in the summer cause the fiberglass insulation to always stay damp.

The fiberglass insulation is not a protection for your wooden substrate but in fact it damages it more. Fiberglass insulation is installed on the wooden substrate, so it is constantly touching the underside of your floor and keeps the wood damp which causes a huge concern for mold and rot. Fiberglass insulation under the subfloor has caused many homes to have to undergo major renovations.

One of our customers from Harahan, being so close to the Mississippi River, has experienced tons of moisture in the air and had the unfortunate circumstances of having mold in her crawlspace. The moisture readings were extremely high reading at 36% and above. Sunlight contractors provided a moisture and mold remediation solution by bringing down the moisture content in Gail’s crawlspace, remediating the moisture and the mold, then applying closed cell spray insulation on the crawl space while guaranteeing that he will not receive any moisture problems on the underside of her floor for the life of the home.


Read what Gail B. of Harahan had to say about Sunlight Contractors below.

“I chose Sunlight Contractors to do work under my home. They have done a wonderful job. They are very professional and have exceptional knowledge to fixing my issues under my home which included mold remediation, solving my moisture issue(readings up to 36% moisture level in the wood), and spraying under my home with spray foam. I am confident that the work they did will last my lifetime and I will never have to worry about moisture and mold under my floors again. The owner, Mr. Ira, talked to me personally and came to my home to make sure everything was fully explained to me and answer any and all questions I had. And when I text him, I get a prompt personal response. Clayton was the leader for my job and I could not have asked for a more knowledgeable, friendly, and personable person to do the work for me. It was a very pleasant experience and would hire them again. I chose Sunlight Contractors initially because all of my online research for getting all the work done under my house, including spray foam, kept leading me back to them as the most experienced, the best reviews, and they could perform all the work needed under my home and I wouldn't have to deal with different companies. Now that they performed the work for me, I can say I made the right choice going with them and all the reviews online"

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