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Why and when would you have mold testing done in your property?

You should have mold testing done if you see visible mold, smell mold, or have been feeling sick for a period of time in your property.  The mold test will determine if you have elevated mold counts in your property which may be contributing to your health concerns.  The ultimate reason for testing mold is to protect your health and your family’s health.  If you suspect mold growth in your property, you want to conduct a mold test.

The goal of a mold test is to compare your inside air quality with the outside air quality.  Mold is measured in number of spores per meter cubed.  You can have up to a maximum of one million spores per meter cubed.  Most results in Louisiana have been from zero spores per metered cubed to as high as 600,000 spores per meter cubed.  The higher the number, the more contaminated the property.

Although this home suffered only minor exterior damage from Hurricane Katrina, small leaks and inadequate air flow permitted this mold infestation.

Although this home suffered only minor exterior damage from Hurricane Katrina, small leaks and inadequate air flow permitted this mold infestation.

Should you take pre-testing and post-testing samples?

You should always conduct pre and post mold testing.  The pre-testing determines if you have an elevated mold situation in your property.  If the results are elevated, then you want to hire a professional mold remediation company to re-mediate the mold.  The only way to determine if the company hired was successful and meet the clearance criteria goals is to conduct a post mold test.  On paper, the owner will have starting numbers of mold from the pre mold test and can see how low the numbers got from a post mold test.  A remediation company can only give a guarantee for their work with pre and post testing.  At the very least, a property owner should demand post testing results to be sure the mold remediation company achieved the clearance criteria to a non-elevated status.

Can you do your own testing?

The only way to do your own testing is to buy a test kit from a local retail store.  Most test kits come with a Petri dish.  You open the Petri dish and lay it somewhere in your property.  It will always show mold growth. The reason it will always show mold growth is because mold exists everywhere on planet Earth.  It is in your home, your commercial building, food, your restaurant, your car, your boat, outside, etc.  It exists all around us.  The Petri dish does not determine if you have elevated mold because it does not tell you what type of mold and at what levels.  It will only demonstrate you have mold that exists.  If you buy these test kits you are just throwing money away.  The proper testing is to hire a professional that has specialized equipment.

Air samples will tell you what type of mold and the concentration levels. Air testing is used by most professionals.  Air tests will tell you what you are breathing and will help make the determination if a mold remediation job is necessary or not.

What is mold remediation and the process?  What do you expect when hiring a mold remediation company?

Mold remediation is the removal of mold from a property so it is safe and healthy to occupy.  The goal of a mold remediation job is clean a contaminated elevated mold property to achieve the clearance criteria goals and have a non elevated mold property. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States Government has recommendations to follow for mold remediation.

Hidden mold can be a major issue.

Hidden mold can be a major issue.

The following are recommendation by the EPA.  The first recommendation is that any job with mold 10 square feet or smaller can be done by the homeowner.  The feeling is that health concerns are low with such a small amount of contaminated area.  Anything above 10 square feet should be done by a professional company.  Another recommendation by EPA is DO NOT caulk or paint any contaminated moldy surfaces.  When you paint over any mold, that mold will germinate when the paint degrades or falters in time.  The paint is also more likely to peel.  Another key recommendation by EPA is not to use any biocide chemicals such as chlorine bleach as an example.  EPA also states that dead mold can still cause allergic reactions in people.  It is not just enough to just kill mold, but to also remove it from the property.

Remember, mold is microscopic and you can not see most of it.  If you do not clean every inch of the contaminated room, you may miss areas that you can not see.  EPA states dead mold is just as allergenic as live mold.  You can still get sick.  It is very important you clean every inch of the contaminated areas.  Most companies who do not clean every inch do not suggest post testing and do not offer any guarantees on their work.


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