Stop Mold Before It Starts Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Prairieville and surrounding areas

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We all know that prevention is better than a cure, but is it even possible to prevent costly, damaging mold in humid southern Louisiana?

Absolutely. While it may seem like mold is the price you pay for living in an area of the country that boasts an average daily humidity level above 70%, there are steps you can take – even here – that will prevent mold from making itself at home in your home.

Step 1 Stop moisture before it settles in

It only takes 24 hours for most molds to take root in a damp environment. You’ve experienced this already if you’ve ever forgotten to transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer for a day. That makes moisture prevention the number one priority in mold prevention.

Step 2 Eliminate water leaks

Since leaks are a leading factor in moisture-prone homes, it’s important for homeowners to find and seal leaks quickly.

Step 3 Put an end to condensation

Condensation contributes significantly to high moisture levels, and humid regions like southern Louisiana are particularly susceptible to high levels of condensation. Inspect ductwork and metal pipes for moisture as these are a few of the places where condensation is most likely to collect.

Step 4 Decrease humidity levels

If your home’s humidity levels are higher than 55%, you’ve probably already got mold. That makes neutralizing indoor humidity critical in the fight against mold

Spray foam insulation helps prevent the moisture problems that lead to mold

Open cell spray foam in attics prevents leak damage, ends condensation, and lowers humidity levels

When homeowners invest in open cell spray foam roof encapsulation, they’re investing in moisture and mold prevention. While open cell spray foam insulation does act as a barrier to humid external air, its porous nature allows excess moisture to pass through, preventing the development of damaging roof leaks.

It also controls the temperature in attics, which stops the accumulation of condensation on the ductwork that runs through attics. This not only reduces the odds of mold growth, but it also keeps comfort control expenses lower.

Closed cell spray foam in wall cavities and crawlspaces prevents moisture infiltration and mold growth

Closed cell spray foam is preferable to open cell when it comes to the space beneath your house. That’s because closed cell spray foam is water impermeable. Absolutely no moisture passes through closed cell spray foam’s monolithic vapor barrier, protecting your home’s floorboards from accumulating moisture from the damp ground beneath.

A properly sealed and insulated crawl space also helps to control the temperature and moisture levels throughout the house, and a steady temperature paired with moisture control practically eliminates the risk of mold.

Contact Sunlight Contractors for mold inspection, remediation and prevention

Sunlight Contractors is Louisiana’s most highly trained, certified, experienced contractors. With our knowledge, expertise and determination, we can help homeowners like you get rid of mold and even prevent it from growing in the first place.

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