How to Choose a Spray Foam Insulation Contractor

How to Choose a Spray Foam Insulation Contractor

You’ve weighed the pros and cons of spray foam insulation and decided that it is the best choice for your project. And you know that the experience of the contractor who installs the insulation is crucial to obtaining the quality you’re looking for. You can choose a spray foam contractor. But where do you start?

Sunlight Contractors has a wealth of experience in the field and can provide you with unbiased advice on how to choose a spray foam contractor.

By the end of this article, you will know what you should look for when choosing a spray foam contractor. You will learn:

  • Essentials of spray foam contractors
  • Green flags for your spray foam contractor
  • What to do when you get a quote

Spray foam contractors must have insurance

When you choose a spray foam contractor, work only with contractors who are insured. You will be financially protected if something goes wrong during your installation.

Contractors may verify verbally or in writing if they have insurance. You can ask the contractor to show you their insurance certificate if you have any doubts about their legitimacy.

Contractors without insurance will not take responsibility for incorrect installation of foam.

Spray foam contractor green flags

After you’ve determined that the contractor is insured, you can begin looking for other positive qualities. Here are some signs you’ve found a good contractor for spray foam.

  • Commitment to quality
  • Safety is a priority
  • Knowledge of building science
  • Learn mindset
  • Respect for other contractors
  • Positive online reviews
  • Experience and certifications relevant to the position
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Commitment to quality

You can expect a good contractor to explain the process verbally or physically. Included in this is what the contractor will do regarding preparation, ventilation and cleanup.

Although it might be tempting to cut costs by doing the prep yourself, a good contractor for spray foam insulation will not allow you to do this. Contractors must know what they’re getting into. Only if they do the preparation can they ensure the quality. They know what damage can be caused by overspray.

Commitment to safety

Safety is costly. Safety on the job requires both time and equipment. Examples include fans, fresh air systems and caution signs.

The state of the spray foam rig is another way to determine their safety standards. The truck or trailer used to transport the spray foam rig to job sites is known as a spray foam rig. The rig houses valuable equipment that is essential to spraying foam safely.

It is possible that you will not be able to view their rig. The condition of the spray foam rig used by a contractor will tell you much about their safety commitment. A contractor who is committed to safety will look after their spray foam rig.

Knowledge of building science

Most spray foam contractors are specialists in one trade: insulation. Contractors may come from other backgrounds, like construction or HVAC. All contractors, regardless of their level of experience, should be familiar with the basics of building science.

You may not be an expert in building science. Asking a few simple questions can give you a good idea of the contractor’s level of knowledge. When you talk to them, watch out for the following signs.

  • When you ask them a question they will give a direct, honest answer.
  • While you describe the problem, they ask you investigative questions.
  • They can also explain why a particular product is a good choice.

Building science will help you determine the best solution for your needs. Compare the two statements below from contractors.

“This product is the best for you because it has these features, and this product is what you need to complete your project.”

“This is the most superior product on the market.” It’s a high-end product. This product should be in every building.”

Can you tell the difference between them?

Learning mindset

Working with a contractor who is knowledgeable about building science and spray foam can be a good sign. However, contractors cannot know everything. Building science is constantly evolving, codes are changing, and there are many product specifications. Asking a question to a contractor that stumps them can reveal a willingness for the contractor to learn, share, and hold you accountable.

  • It’s a great question. I’ll do some research, and then follow up with you.
  • I don’t know the answer but I will try to find it out.
  • This is not a problem as far as I am aware, but I will double check.

Contractors who refuse to elaborate on their work or explain it in a manner you can understand may be knowledgeable. Your question may not have any impact on the insulation project, even if it is genuine. However, someone with a positive learning attitude is more willing to share their knowledge and explain their thinking process.

Respect for other contractors involved

Contractors specialize in their particular craft, as we have already mentioned. To create a building that is safe, functional, and efficient, all parties involved must work together. You should avoid contractors who are unwilling to collaborate with other parties involved in the project.

You might be wondering how a homeowner can find out this information. Ask the builders with whom you work if they were respectful.

It is possible that contractors do not agree on the “best way” to resolve a construction problem. They should avoid personal attacks and biased statements that may be made about a particular trade.

online reviews

Positive online reviews

Google Reviews are a great way to choose a spray foam contractor that is reputable. You can find personal testimonials online about any product or service. You want to make sure that the majority of their reviews are positive.

Do not ignore a company if it has no online reviews. Try to find out through conversation the reason why there are no online testimonials. Are there no positive things to say about them? Is it more likely their customers have a positive experience, but they need to know the best way to share that with others?

  • This contractor seems to be knowledgeable.
  • Can this contractor answer my questions in a way that I can understand?
  • Does this contractor want to find out the root cause of my problem?
  • Does this contractor follow up on our discussion?

Experience and certifications relevant to the job

The best contractors know their trade. Spray foam may seem simple but training is needed to ensure precise and effective results. Do you feel that the contractor is knowledgeable about your project and knows how to properly insulate it? Does the contractor have relevant experience in order to successfully complete this project?

Certifications are another way to measure education. A spray foam contractor with quality certifications is a sign of competence. You should consider all of these positive qualities when evaluating this information. The completion of a course or certification is a sign of education, but it does not guarantee that someone will apply the knowledge they have gained on the job.

Some contractors include digital badges in their websites. These badges are not always used to indicate certification or training. These badges can also be used to identify the foam brand that they spray.

Here are some quotes. Which one should I choose?

It can be tempting, because foam spray insulation is costly to go with the lowest price. If you’ve evaluated contractors based on these criteria, choosing the lowest bid can be an effective strategy.

A low price may be a warning sign if you’ve not yet evaluated the contractor according to these criteria. It is possible that the lowest bidder will be a quality contractor. The lowest bidder might not be willing to figure out what you need in order to solve your problem.

You need to choose a spray foam contractor that you trust and are comfortable working with. The wrong contractor could lead to costly repairs if the foam is not applied correctly or doesn’t meet building codes. You will not forget a bad feeling you had about a particular contractor.

These qualifications will help you to find an installer who is trustworthy and qualified for your project, no matter where you are in the selection process.

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