Conscientious New Orleans landlord takes a hard line – stops mold infiltration

Smart landlords know key to stop mold and moisture damage

Bill Barrios takes pride in his Uptown rental property. The historic cottage sits on a desirable street near Audubon Park, and Barrios has invested significantly in maintaining its high value.

However, even a deluxe property like Barrios’ isn’t immune to New Orleans’ high moisture levels and the mold that comes with that moisture. Because Barrios is a responsible landlord, when he uncovered mold in the rental unit, he quickly took action to protect his investment and his tenants’ health.

Barrios wasn’t content with merely remediating the existing mold. He was eager to prevent the issues from arising in the future as well. A competent landlord knows that the longer a property is allowed to sit in disrepair, the faster it loses its value.

New Orleans’ mold- and moisture-prevention experts are a landlord’s best friend

Seeking a solution that would allow him to remediate his mold problem as well as preventing future moisture-related issues, Barrios turned to the moisture- and mold-prevention experts at Sunlight Contractors for a recommendation.

Owner Corey Yates took samples of mold from different areas of the house and sent these to a licensed mold lab for assessment. The test results confirmed that the mold count in Barrios’ rental home was through the roof (and in the roof).

Fortunately, the Sunlight team works quickly to remediate mold problems and apply the solutions that will prevent future issues. In Barrios’ case, this included cold fogging the entire house, installing an Aprilaire dehumidification system, and properly encapsulating the house to prevent moisture penetration moving forward.

Having done his due diligence as a landlord, Barrios can rest assured that his rental property will be protected from more damage and his tenants will be living in a home with a healthy atmosphere. They’ll benefit from the lower utility bills and the increased comfort as well.

Are you doing the right thing by your property and tenants?

Conscientious landlords understand the importance of providing tenants with a mold-free home. Not only is this the right thing to do for tenants, it’s the right thing to do for valuable property. A well-maintained home has greater rental value and fewer expenses when mold remediation and proper insulation are handled early and effectively.

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