Rain in the forecast for the Gulf Coast – Spray Foam for Moisture and Mold Problems for Homeowners in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Slidell and Southeastern Louisiana

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Waterproof and protect your home with Spray Foam Insulation on your Sub Floors and Crawl Spaces with Sunlight Contractors

With the erratic weather pattern and hurricane season in full swing, Louisiana homeowners can take action to help protect their homes from flooding and moisture damage.

Tips to keep your house dry:

  1. Clear debris from yards, ditches, curbs, and your areas drainage grates to allow for quick drainage
  2. Clear gutters and extend downspouts for drainage away from your foundation
  3. Seal any cracks in the foundation
  4. Seal out moisture on the subfloor under your home
  5. Use sandbags to keep water out of home or entry way

The more a homeowner prepares for the flooding and bad weather, the less expense, time, and work it will be to clean up after flooding occurs. Cary & Paula McCown from Chalmette, LA dealt with flooding and moisture related problems by calling Sunlight Contractors. Now they feel that their home is in the best shape to combat moisture and if they encounter flooding again, there will be less damage.

Why Spray Foam to protect against flooding? Closed-cell Spray Foam: the Only FEMA Class 5 Rated Flood-Resistant Insulation

What does mold and moisture damage look like under your home?

Preparatory measures can only go so far in a lot of cases of flooding in Louisiana. After the water recedes call Sunlight Contractors to come in and help you access and fix the damage to your home. Bonnie and Joe Meteye from Metairie Louisiana found this out 10 years after Katrina. They had two different contractors replace flooring and still had problems with mold and mildew years after the flooding occurred. The situation evolved into mold and mildew spreading up the walls and into the attic. Sunlight Contractors came in and completed steps that other contractors overlooked.

Sunlight Contractors came into the Meteye’s home in Metairie Louisiana and ensured the job was done right.

  • Cold fogged the sheet rock and subflooring with EPA-certified MOLDSTAT to kill existing mold and prohibit new growth
  • The attic roof deck, rafters, and beams were further cleaned with a spray borate solution
  • The attic and roof deck were cleansed with borate solution
  • Crawl space moisture levels were below 18%
  • Dried the subfloor
  • Applied mold resistant paint
  • Applied closed cell spray foam as a preventative measure & as insulation
  • Not only does spray foam seal out moisture, the insulating benefits will lower utility costs and make your home more comfortable and energy efficient
  • Installed a dehumidification system to ensure stable year round moisture levels in the home

After the sub floors were dried, treated and received closed cell spray foam insulation

Spray Foam Insulation by Sunlight Contractors Recommended by Louisiana Department of Health

The Louisiana Department of Health recommends having closed cell spray foam installed as a moisture prevention measure.

Benefits of Closed Cell Spray Foam on your crawl Space, Sub-Floor, and Walls

  • Apply Mold killing and growth preventing paint
  • Encapsulate it with Closed Cell Spray Polyurethane Foam and get rid of the damp, moldy, musty smells. Closed cell spray polyurethane insulation is waterproof, meaning no ground water that normally seeps through the wall will penetrate through the closed cell structure of the spray foam

Sunlight Contractors are Certified Spray Foam Contractors and Certified Mold Remediators. They are the leading Insulation contractors for southern Louisiana. Sunlight Contractors specializes in spray foam insulation and blown in cellulose insulation.


Louisiana department of health on mold: Epidemiology and Toxicology on Mold – Why mold is bad

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Watch our video on our work in Louisiana homes with moisture and mold – Sunlight Contractors YouTube

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Mike R. From Facebook:

“I called Sunlight Contractors after getting a quote from another company in order to compare prices. I got a called almost immediately from Ira Bosh who provided me with so much more than just a quick number like the competition. He gave me loads of information on the product, local code and the process of proper installation. He never forced his company over the other. He just suggested I did my research which I promptly did. It didn’t take long to see that they (Sunlight Contractors) knew what they were doing and did it well. I had them come in and remove the insulation and even when they found more material than estimated, they honored their quote and did not charge any extra for the additional labor. I truly admire their dedication as they worked in well over 100-degree heat to finish the job in a day. As of the writing of this review, I will have them come back to install the spray foam insulation tomorrow. If the previous experience is anything to go by, I expect nothing but the best experience and a job expertly done.”

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