Perils Of Using An Unlicensed Contractor

perils of an unlicensed contractor

Repairing Unlicensed Contractor Damage

Building a home is as much architectural drawings, and blueprints as it is building science. Building science and understanding how to make any home energy efficient, durable, and contain great indoor air quality is of immeasurable value when building a home properly. One homeowner from Prairieville, Louisiana can account for this. Kristi and Damon started off like most couples excited, in a new house.

Hiring a few contractors to come do various upgrades. The jobs were completed there were no issues right away. After a bit of time Kristi started noticing mold growth in the home, and a smell that she just could not figure out what it was.

When she realized that mold was growing in her home, she could not believe it, and she became incredibly frustrated. She called Sunlight Contractors completely disappointed with the previous contractors. She had quite a few different contractors come in and out of their home changing out small items, and even one contractor came in installing open cell spray foam on the underside of their crawlspace and the attic ceiling.

Open cell spray foam insulation is not a vapor barrier and does not belong under the subfloor nor on the attic ceiling. Unlicensed contractors can completely ruin a beautiful home and cause serious issues including moisture problems, ventilation problems, and mold problems.

Moisture Nightmare

Kristi’s home between the open cell spray foam became a moisture nightmare. The condensation in her home caused mold to grow throughout the entire home including between her floor inside her home her subfloor and attic. If the right spray foam were installed properly the first time by code, Kristi would have never had to pay anything towards completely renovating her home.

Sunlight Contractors did hear the distress in Kristi’s voice and came to her aid. We removed the open cell spray foam from underneath the subfloor and attic ceiling. To remove the mold from her home we had to completely replace her inside hardwood floors and replace 55 sheets of plywood.

While we remediated the subfloor, Kristi noticed what great work Sunlight Contractors does, and decided to move forward with completely renovating her entire home. We knocked down a few walls for Kristi and Damon including re-doing her entire kitchen, redoing entire bathrooms, and placing down new floors. The mold had started spreading through the home through the HVAC system as well, so we continued with mold remediation to clean all the coils and ductwork to make sure the home was mold free and the air quality was outstanding for Kristi’s family.

Unlicensed Contractors

Unlicensed contractors can completely ruin your home because they do not understand the weight of what they’re doing and with an unlicensed contractor, they may be cheaper but if they mess up a job you have no recourse. Sunlight Contractors is not only completely licensed, bonded, and insured we know building science and we professionally install every material for your home and refuse to take any shortcuts.

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