Louisiana Service Area Locations – Residential and Commercial Spray Foam Insulation

Louisiana’s sweltering summer heat and high humidity levels create unique problems for residential and commercial structures, and at Sunlight Contractors, we’re equipped to not only identify our clients’ particular energy needs, but to solve them with cutting edge products like alternative roofing and spray foam insulation.

Residential Solutions for Louisiana Homes

While the scenery may change from Metairie to Lafayette, some problems are common throughout southern Louisiana. Moisture damage in both crawl spaces and attics alike creates perfect breeding grounds for termites, mold, and mildew, and dampness also has an impact on the wooden joists commonly used in Louisiana homes. Warping of the wood in attics and beneath the home creates cracks and crevices where conditioned air is able to escape and hot, humid exterior air can infiltrates.

We’ve installed attic insulation in Metairie, Slidell, and even Belle Chaise, and homeowners have been thrilled with our services. We recommend open cell spray foam in attics, as it serves works harder than any other insulation on the market. Not only does it provide much needed insulation to keep temperatures throughout the home consistent, but it also adds a layer of moisture protection and air seals the home for greater energy efficiency.

Likewise, the closed cell spray foam we’ve applied beneath homes in and around New Orleans adheres to the underside of sub-flooring, sealing air leaks, insulating, and protecting floors from the damage caused when moisture from the earth attempts to seep into vulnerable wood. Moisture damaged flooring creates an ideal environment for insects and rot, which in turn cause structural damage in addition to creating health problems for family members with respiratory illnesses.

Commercial Solutions for Louisiana Businesses

From offices to gyms, Sunlight Contractors has led the way in developing unique and effective uses of spray foam insulation in southern Louisiana.

We helped keep Uptown gym members and boating club members on Lake Pontchartrain cooler with the use of open cell spray foam applied to roofing decks, a measure that helped cut these businesses’ energy costs significantly by reducing their energy waste by as much as 40%! While industrial insulation may not be the first issue on a business owner’s mind, it’s an effective way to lower your overhead and keep your clients and staff comfortable.

Recently, we expanded our services to include spray foam roofing, an affordable roofing solution for commercial and industrial structures. Spray foam insulation for roofs is the most durable alternative to traditional roofing materials like tar. It insulates your industrial structure from the radiant heat of the sun and prevents leaks as well. Not only is it quickly applied without a disruption to your business day, but it’s just as easily maintained. For areas like southern Louisiana, where tropical storm force winds and heavy rain compete with heat to damage roofs, a spray foam roofing system is the obvious choice. Even New Orleans’ Superdome has gone spray foam!

In New Orleans, we helped one business innovate the marine construction industry with the use of water resistant closed cell spray foam, and we helped another business owner keep his products fresh by insulating a delivery truck with closed cell spray foam. We’ve insulated storage facilities rom Belle Chaise to Baton Rouge, and we even had the opportunity to help with the renovation of the Ferry Stop building in Braithewaite after Hurricane Isaac.

No other energy company can provide the solutions and services that Sunlight Contractor does. From residential home to industrial structures, we offer affordable, effective energy solutions. Call or email Sunlight Contractors today to learn more about spray foam insulation and spray foam roofing!

We provide service to the following areas:

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