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Louisiana real estate agent trusts Sunlight Contractors, LLC

Choosing an Insulation Contractor

Who does an expert turn to when she needs assistance? Another expert, of course! One of the traits of a wise person is her ability to discern the reliability, knowledge, and integrity of those she works with. In Michelle Samuels’ case, she turned to the energy experts at Sunlight Contractors, LLC to help her bring high energy bills and fluctuating interior temperatures under control.

Michelle’s Covington home lacked proper insulation and air sealing, which meant that conditioned air was escaping while uncomfortable outside air was infiltrating along with moisture and moisture-related problems. She hired the crew at Sunlight Contractors, LLC to install blown in cellulose in her spacious attic and closed cell spray foam beneath her home to create a monolithic seal against energy loss and humidity.

Though Michelle had doubts at first, she quickly came to appreciate the professionalism and skills of our team of contractors. That’s because we move quickly to get our clients’ homes sealed up in record time with precision care.

“It was nice to be able to finally deal with a company that has great prices AND shows up when they say they are going to,” Michelle stated.

Professional Insulation Installer

She was so impressed, in fact, that she immediately sent us to install spray foam to a metal storage space and to the underside of a Metairie home that she has on the market!

While working on the Metairie home, Corey, Sunlight Contractors, LLC’s owner and lead contractor, engaged in conversation with a prospective buyer. As a master plumber and a master spray foam installer, Corey was able to answer the many questions the buyer had concerning the home.

After several hours of consultation, the prospective buyer became the home’s owner. Corey’s expertise and honesty had won over the gentleman and sealed the real estate deal.

The crew at Sunlight aren’t interested in merely making a buck; we’re interested in making relationships that last. Our team works to support our clients in creating more energy efficient, healthier environments at affordable prices while also engaging with clients to help them become informed homeowners. That’s why experts like Michelle Samuels turn to the experts at Sunlight Contractors, LLC.

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