A Westwego Business Invests in Energy Efficiency

Eric Chatagnier’s Westwego business offices could reach sweltering temperatures quickly in the heat of southern Louisiana summers. The metal walls and roof took a beating from the radiant heat of the sun at midday, and Chatagnier knew something needed to be done.

Insulation was the obvious answer, but traditional insulation can be a tricky fit, especially when it comes to industrial and commercial buildings like Chatagnier’s Westwego office building. Often, these structures have hard to reach spots as well as odd corners and angles that old-fashioned insulation can’t quite conform to.

Spray foam insulation solves this Westwego offices energy problems

Spray foam, on the other hand, can be applied directly to any surface, even frictionless surfaces like metal. It can squeeze into any nook or cranny, and when it does, it goes above and beyond mere insulation.

When applied to office spaces, warehouses, and other commercial facilities, spray foam seals against air leaks, which contribute to the loss of energy and higher heating and cooling bills each month. Sealing up leaks means that clients and staff will enjoy a more comfortable indoor climate at a much lower cost to the business.

Spray foam prevents the penetration of radiant heat from the sun that hits the surface of metal structures, and it also reduces thermal energy. That makes spray foam an ideal product for keeping warehouse and box truck temperatures at reasonable temperatures without even using air conditioning or heating systems!

Southern Louisiana heat- and moisture-related problems no match for spray foam

In addition to the cost benefits, spray foam is also resistant to moisture-related problems like mildew, mold, and rot. That means that you’ve not only provided a more comfortable atmosphere, you’ve also made your business structure a healthier environment as there will be fewer indoor air pollutants to aggravate the allergies and asthma of employees and customers.

If you’re a southern Louisiana business owner interested in saving money and conserving energy, consider the benefits experienced by this Westwego company and give Sunlight Contractors a call. Our team of SPFA certified spray foam installers can work with you to identify ways that spray foam can cut your utility costs and your energy waste while making the people who work with you even happier.


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