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Insulation Installation by a Certified Contractor

Louisiana builders like Jimmy Smith of Southeast Louisiana Construction trust the contractors at Sunlight Contractors, LLC. Why? They know efficient, professional workmanship when they see it! Our spray foam insulation installation renovations help builders finish homes with an airtight, moisture resistant seal that increases the integrity and the value of a structure.

Smith and his crew build new homes as well as renovating older homes. In each case, they seek to provide the greatest comfort, energy efficiency, and structural integrity available. He invests in spray foam insulation because it’s the only insulation that provides airtight sealing and water resistance in addition to the highest R-value on the market.

From West Bank communities like Gretna and Westwego to Covington and Mandeville on the North shore, southern Louisiana homeowners are confronted with several common problems. The first among them is moisture. Significant rainfall and tropical storms mean that most homes are vulnerable to flooding. A solution to this problem is raising homes off the ground. However, this leads to other moisture-related issues as dampness from the ground seeps into sub-flooring, allowing the accumulation of mold and mildew as well as development of termite habitats.

To prevent the structural weakening caused by these issues while also preventing the infiltration of exterior air, builders turn to closed cell spray foam. Closed cell spray foam is applied to the underside of sub-flooring where it creates a monolithic, impermeable barrier against moisture and air penetration.

Smith hired Sunlight Contractors, LLC to undertake just such a project recently when he needed an installation done in a hurry. We were able to complete the job in a matter of hours, making the home infinitely more valuable thanks to its improved energy efficiency.

Michelle Samuels, a Covington real estate agent, has also seen the benefit of our team’s diligent, professional workmanship. She hired us to apply spray foam to a home that was on the market. A prospective buyer spent the day asking questions about the insulation, and he was so impressed with the value added by the product that he was sold on the house!

Builders and real estate agents in the New Orleans area can trust that Sunlight Contractors, LLC will provide professional installation services at a reasonable price in record time because our trained and SPFA-certified experts are the best in the region. Give us a call today to learn how we can help improve the quality of your home building project.

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