Get the Gift of Energy Savings Efficiency through Spray Foam Insulation

Energy efficiency through closed cell spray foamFrom New Orleans to Baton Rouge, Sunlight Contractors has spent the year giving homeowners the gift of energy savings. With open cell spray foam applied to attics and walls and closed cell spray foam applied to crawl spaces, residents of southern Louisiana are experiencing the superior comfort and savings that come from a home that is air sealed and properly insulated.

With one free energy audit, Sunlight Contractors’ energy experts are able to pinpoint where energy is wasted in a home. Often, cracks and crevices around windows, doors, and electrical outlets allow some conditioned air to escape a home, but it’s in the attic that serious waste occurs.

As you heat the air in your home, it rises, and if your attic isn’t properly sealed and insulated, it goes the way of Old St. Nick: up, up, and away. Open cell spray foam applied to your attic’s roof deck fills in these air leaks while also providing the highest R-value on the market. In fact, an attic encapsulated with open cell spray foam can cut homeowners’ total residential energy use by 10% or more.

Without air sealing, the warm air rising through your attic’s leaks creates a vacuum that pulls cold air from beneath your home through floorboards. That’s where closed cell spray foam comes in. Applied to the underside of sub-flooring, closed cell spray foam creates a monolithic barrier against air and moisture infiltration.

Many energy-conscious homeowners like Krisztina Mikolavich of Mandeville choose to completely seal up their homes from top to bottom. She had the attic of her historic home encapsulated and the crawlspace insulated as well. The whole process only took a weekend, but the difference was noticeable immediately.

“It made an incredible difference,” Kriszitina says. “We’re comfortable in the house, and the HVAC doesn’t run all the time. It made a big difference right away.”

How much is it costing to keep your home cozy this Christmas? How much could you save with an installation of spray foam insulation? Contact us today to get an energy audit and discuss how you too can benefit from the gift of energy savings.


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