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Spray foam installation is a delicate process that requires training and knowledge, but many Louisiana contractors hired to do the job don’t have the necessary qualifications. If something goes wrong in the process or after, home and business owners find themselves without recourse if they’ve hired installers who are not properly spray foam licensed. While it’s always tempting to cut corners and hire the cheapest crew, that decision could be one that becomes much more expensive down the line.

On the other hand, if you hire a crew like Sunlight Contractors, who are certified by the SPFA, licensed by state licensing boards for contractors, and accredited by the Better Business Bureau, even if there is a problem, you can rest assured that the team will put things in order. Why? A crew dedicated enough to go to the expense and time necessary to meet and exceed these qualifications will be equally dedicated to customer satisfaction and quality workmanship.

Casey of Metairie noticed an odor after her spray foam insulation was installed by Sunlight Contractors. Here’s what she had to say, “I filled out a survey stating that we had the odor and within two hours of submitting the survey, one of the owners called and came to the house. He agreed there was an odor and had his crew out the next morning. Problem solved within two hours. Talk about ABOVE and BEYOND service!”

In another incident, Robin of New Orleans found several months after a spray foam insulation by Sunlight Contractors that she was no longer seeing the savings that she initially saw. When she called the company, they immediately returned to inspect the job. They discovered that an electrician running wires had punctured the spray foam insulation in two places, leaving gaping holes, and they took it upon themselves to make repairs to the damage created by a third party.

That’s the difference between a company committed to quality workmanship and other companies looking to make a quick profit.

When you’re ready to take a step towards energy efficiency, spray foam insulation is a great choice, but make sure you hire contractors who are qualified to do the job. Shop around to compare companies, but look beyond price to what you’re actually paying for. Is the business accredited by the Better Business Bureau? Is the contractor licensed by the Louisiana State Board of Contractors? Is the company certified by the SPFA?

If you can’t say yes to each of those questions, don’t hire that team. Don’t trust your home or business to a company who can’t be bothered with proper certifications. Trust the professionals at Sunlight Contractors.


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