Heat Retention Prevention in Coat Spray Foam Insulation Ignition Barrier

Invest in the safest spray foam with a built in ignition barrier!
Invest in the safest spray foam with a built in ignition barrier!

Spray Foam Insulation Ignition Barrier

In the past, it was necessary for contractors to install a separate fire barrier to installations of spray foam insulation. However, Gaco fused the insulation and air sealing properties of spray polyurethane foam with an Ignition Barrier that makes spray foamed spaces not only safer but more affordable. How?

GacoFireStop provides insulation and a fire barrier in one application

Prior to GacoFireStop, it was necessary for contractors to purchase both the spray foam for insulation as well as the fire resistant barrier that sealed the spray foam. In addition to the material cost, the additional step of coating the spray foam added an increased labor cost to a homeowners’ installation bill.  Now we have available a spray foam insulation ignition barrier all in one to reduce the cost of insulation.

With GacoFireStop, homeowners pay for one high-tech solution that reduces energy loss and expense, decreases risk of residential fires, and even improves the structural integrity of a building. Since the application is a one-step process, its a more affordable and much quicker installation as well. Typically, the combined insulation and fire barrier can be installed in one day.

Gaco’s spray foam insulation with built in fire barrier met and exceeded the minimum “torture test” back in 2011. The foam withstood over four minutes, showing no tendency to burn beyond the minimum time requirement of 4 minutes and 18 seconds. That was enough to give the industry and code officials confidence in the safety of the single application spray foam.

Choose contractors who don’t skimp on your safety

At Sunlight Contractors, we pride ourselves in using only the highest quality materials, which means that less conscientious contractors are able to undercut our prices by using lesser materials. We met a Louisiana homeowner at a recent Home and Garden Show in New Orleans who informed us that she had made the mistake of falling prey to a cut rate contractor.

After shaving the open cell spray foam from the homeowner’s attic, the contractor took the leftover materials and burned them in a distant corner of the woman’s property. When she witnessed how quickly the materials went up in flames, she was mortified that she’d installed it in her attic.

Don’t be fooled by low prices and fast talk. When you’re installing spray foam in your home, safety should be your number one priority. Look for contractors with experience, SPFA certifications, and knowledge of proper PPE, personal protective equipment so that when the job is done you can be certain that your home will be more energy efficient, more comfortable, and safer.

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