Contractor Installing Spray Foam No ignition Barrier Homeowner in Danger

Louis prepping for attic insulation installationSpray Foam Ignition Barriers = Safety

Imagine Linda’s surprise when she discovered the unlicensed spray foam insulation contractors she’d hired carelessly disposing of excess insulation by burning it in the back of her large lot. It did not have the standard spray foam ignition barrier mixed in.  The idea that the insulation used to fill her home could burn so easily and so quickly left her with a knot of anxiety in her stomach.

Monica Boshnack, owner of Sunlight Contractors, is quick to warn homeowners of the dangers of hiring unqualified installers. “This is why you must be sure you have a competent company do your work. Without a separate spray foam fire ignition barrier, or better yet, one built into the foam itself, like we use, you could have a disaster waiting to happen.”

Anybody can walk into a supplier and purchase spray foam. Anybody can pick up a low-pressure gun and install it. Anybody can offer rock bottom prices. But rock bottom prices mean when you hit rock bottom – when you realize too late that your spray foam has been installed without the required spray foam ignition barrier or when it’s been sprayed under conditions that aren’t conducive to proper setting, you’ve got no one to turn to for help.

At Sunlight, every spray foam application is installed by an SPFA-certified spray foam contractor. Our entire crew has undergone hundreds of hours of training because we know that your home deserves the best, and we are committed to excellence in our field.

Because we want to ensure our clients’ satisfaction and their safety, we use only top of the line spray foam that has an ignition barrier built right into it, which means that you can get a safe application of insulation at an affordable price. Our specialized equipment, knowledge, and experience mean you can count on our team to come through for you every time.

Contact Sunlight Contractors today to learn more about spray foam insulation and ignition barriers that will keep your home safe, affordable, and energy efficient.


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