Slidell homeowner asks: Why Do I have freezing cold floors in the winter?

Spray foam attic insulation in Slidell, Louisiana
Find out what Slidell homeowner Andrea has to say about spray foam installation by Sunlight Contractors!

Drafty Cold Floors

Like many homeowners, Andrea wondered why her home always seemed to be drafty and the especially unbearable cold floors during the winter despite her heat running around the clock. With cold weather approaching, keeping her Slidell home warm without breaking the bank became a priority for Andrea, so she called Sunlight Contractors to ask if spray foam insulation could solve her problem.

Energy experts with insulation answers

Cleair, one of our energy experts, shared several reasons why spray foam is the obvious choice. Though spray foam was first used as a commercial building insulation, it became popular as an efficient way to save money on residential heating. In fact, Andrea and other southern Louisiana homeowners who invest in spray foam insulation, especially in the attic and beneath the crawlspace, can expect to see ten to fifty percent savings on their energy bills!

Spray foam insulation: a simple process that saves big!

The spray foam application process is quite simple. The foam is sprayed on as a liquid and then hardens into a solid, waterproof barrier. Closed-cell spray foam, which is generally applied to crawlspaces, seals out moisture, rodents, and other unwanted intruders, keeping Andrea’s family healthy while preventing her floors from rotting. It was becoming clear that spray foam insulation was more than just an option for her home – it was also a chance for an investment with a substantial return!

Closed-cell spray foam seals floor leaks, preventing cold feet – cold floors!

What really sold Andrea was the solid barrier created by closed-cell spray foam, which is able to fill in cracks in her sub-flooring – the very cracks that were keeping her feet chilly throughout the cold months. Spray foam forms an adhesive barrier that keeps all of her heated air inside her home, rather than leaking out and taking her hard earned money with it. Andrea was convinced that spray foam insulation was the only option for solving her heating crisis.

Andrea invited Sunlight Contractors into her home to insulate the crawl space with closed cell spray foam. Now her home is free from breezes during Slidell’s chilly winters, bugs during the summer, and high energy bills all year!


No other energy company can provide the solutions that Sunlight Contractors, LLC does. From residential floor, walls, and attic insulation to industrial spray foam roofing, we provide services and products that are guaranteed to increase your energy efficiency while reducing your utility costs.


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