Closed cell Spray Foam Seals Moisture out of Covington Hsome

Covington home sealed against moistureIf there’s one thing that southern Louisianans can’t escape, it’s moisture. Winter or summer, homeowners in cities like New Orleans, Mandeville, and Covington struggle to keep their residences free from the problems associated with the constant humidity. During the summer, the humidity leaves locals feeling swamped in heat. During the winter, the dampness in the air makes the chill vicious. Keeping homes comfortable year round with the temperatures made more extreme by humidity is a regular challenge.

But it’s not the only challenge. Moisture beneath a home creeps into wood sub-flooring and floorboards, and this creates a dilemma that has an effect more devastating than discomfort. As wooden boards take on moisture, they swell, pressing against their neighbors. This tight squeeze causes the wood to buckle, a process known as cupping. Even when the moisture has dried out for a while, the wood retains this bent shape.

Moisture damage leaves floorboards weakened and vulnerable

Cupping isn’t just unattractive; it also impacts the structural integrity of a home. The persistent dampening, drying, warping, and cupping of wood weakens it, which can result in a variety of problems for homeowners, including increased vulnerability to termite damage.

What’s a homeowner to do? That’s the question that Steve Rider of Covington, Louisiana asked when he began researching solutions to cupping and other moisture-related problems.

Steve’s home was high and dry during hurricane season and flooding; however, moisture from the ground was penetrating the sub-flooring, wreaking havoc on the wood boards. He’d managed to get batting against the sub-flooring in some areas; however, as past homeowners have explained, batting has a tendency to pull away from flooring in addition to providing more water retention and an ideal environment for mold, mildew, and pests.

Closed cell spray foam strengthens and seals floorboards

Steve discovered closed cell spray foam and its moisture-resistant and air sealing properties, and he immediately began looking for a crew of professional contractors capable of making his home watertight. He got bids from several companies, and he checked references with former clients. Sunlight Contractors gave him the numbers of five former customers who were happy to share their positive experiences.

Won over by our positive reviews, reasonable prices, and expertise, Steve hired Sunlight Contractors to install closed cell spray foam to the underside of his sub-flooring. Thrilled with the results, Steve complimented our team’s professionalism and courtesy, and he’s already seeing improvements in his home’s climate and moisture control.

If you’re a Northshore homeowner in need of moisture control, give Sunlight Contractors a call. We’ll provide you with references and all the information you’ll need to make an informed decision!

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