Blown in Cellulose Insulation

Blown in Cellulose Insulation for Historic New Orleans Homes

Blown in Cellulose Insulation Review for New Orleans client

For many New Orleans homeowners, adding insulation can be tricky business. Historic homes must meet strict codes, and it can be a challenge to find an insulation that meets code requirements while also providing the air sealing required by leaky older structures and an adequate R-value for year round comfort.

Now, imagine trying to accomplish an insulation renovation on a historic New Orleans home from Seattle, Washington. That was precisely the dilemma faced by one of our recent clients, a Seattle-based investor. He was forced to find contractors whom he could trust to properly insulate his historic New Orleans property within the confines of code and without his presence on hand.

He carefully researched insulation contractors in southern Louisiana, searching Angie’s List and other resources. He accepted several bids for the job, but ultimately, he chose Sunlight Contractors, LLC to install blown in cellulose insulation in the attic of the home.

Why Sunlight Contractors?

  • Great reviews: Our past clients rave about us on Angie’s List, Facebook, and anywhere else they can!
  • Great service: Our contractors are professional and knowledgeable, and we’ve got the certifications and licenses to prove it!
  • Great prices: We quote fair prices for quality insulation installed by licensed professionals!

Why blown in cellulose insulation?

Cellulose insulation has a number of beneficial qualities.  Among them:

  • Eco-friendly: It’s the greenest insulation on the market. Cellulose is composed of 87-85% recycled paper fiber with the remaining percentage being boric, a fire retardant.
  • Code-friendly: Cellulose meets the requirements of New Orleans historic homes codes, and it can even be easily added within the walls of older homes without causing structural damage.
  • Energy-friendly: When properly installed, blown in cellulose insulation provides air sealing benefits as well as an R-value of 3.8 per inch, which means you’re not losing energy through cracks and bare spots.
  • Wallet-friendly: Not only is cellulose insulation an affordable insulation to install, it also saves you money each month! Cellulose insulation can save homeowners between 25% and 50% off their monthly utility bills!

If you’re the proud owner of a historic New Orleans home, give Sunlight Contractors, LLC a try. We encourage you to talk with our past clients to find out what all the excitement is about! Here’s what our investor had to say, “Ira’s team did a great job! They were very clean and careful with the house and new central air system. They were on time and very easy to work.”


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