Which Fire-Proofing Technology gives Businesses the Greatest Benefits?

Spraying fireproofing materials on walls and ceilings

Fire-proofing Technology – Is it Worth It?

Keeping clients, staff, and assets safe should be the main priority of any entrepreneur. Any number of events could threaten that safety – from hurricanes to fires – and so businesses attempting to secure commercial and industrial buildings naturally want to invest in a technology that provides the greatest amount of protection for the cost.

CAFCO Blaze Shield II offers more than fire resistance

Fireproofing products like CAFCO Blaze Shield II, which has been an industry leader for decades, provide peace of mind for business owners. Blaze Shield II’s pioneering wool aggregate system, used in hundreds of commercial structures across the United States, is tough enough to be used indoors and outdoors, and it yields superior fire resistance to structural steel and concrete during the construction stages of commercial facilities.

Blaze Shield II offers much more to businesses than fire prevention however. The installation of this fireproofing product improves thermal insulation and reduces noise pollution. Its inorganic composition also resists the buildup of moisture, molds, and mildew.

Gain fireproofing and soundproofing with K13 Insulation

K13 Thermal and Acoustical Insulation, another innovative product with fireproofing benefits, offers high quality sound control to commercial and industrial facilities such as schools, stadiums, shopping centers, sound studios, and offices. The cellulose fibers that make up the K-13 system are chemically treated to add resistance to fire, mold, and mildew, and its spray on application and adhesive qualities make it possible to install K-13 to virtually any surface.

These two options provide cost effective and hard-working fireproofing for businesses, but they each also have added value. Both create more energy efficient environments, providing air sealing and insulation. Both offer sound proofing and moisture control. That makes these fire resistant products high grade solutions with numerous benefits.

If you own a commercial or industrial facility that needs an upgrade in fire resistance as well as moisture control, energy savings, and soundproofing, contact the insulation experts at Sunlight Contractors, LLC. We’ll help you choose a fireproofing material that meets all of your needs.


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