Is Cellulose Insulation Vulnerable to Moisture?

Is Cellulose Insulation Moisture Resistant?

In southern states like Louisiana and Mississippi, humidity poses a problem for homeowners seeking affordable, reliable insulation. As insulation is a long-term investment, it’s natural that residents of Gulf Coast cities like New Orleans and Baton Rouge would want a product that is able to withstand humidity and moisture-related problems.

Because blown-in cellulose is composed primarily of post-consumer recycled newspaper, it’s a common misconception that moisture will pose a problem. Some concerns homeowners have voiced to us regarding cellulose insulation have included odor, mold, and mildew caused by moisture.

We’re here to put those concerns to rest.

Will cellulose insulation harbor mold and mildew?

No. In fact, boric acid, which is added to cellulose as a fire retardant, not only acts as an ignition barrier but also as an antiseptic, insecticide, and a mold and mildew inhibitor. The mineral, also known as hydrogen borate, is found in Borax and other cleaning agents, and will actually prevent moisture-related issues from taking root wherever the insulation is applied.

Will my attic smell like wet newspapers when it rains?

Because of its composition, many people fear than cellulose insulation will smell like wet newspapers when it rains. This is simply not the case. Under normal conditions, blown-in insulation shouldn’t have a smell at all.

If your roof leaks to such an extent that your insulation stays perpetually wet, then you may indeed detect an odor. However, a leak of that magnitude would cause anything to smell. That’s an entirely different problem that’s unrelated to your insulation.

Blown-in insulation is affordable, efficient, and eco-friendly

Environmentally-friendly cellulose insulation provides top of the line energy efficiency at competitive rates. It adds another level of fire resistance as well as resistance to pests and moisture problems. All things considered, blown-in insulation is a top contender when it comes to residential insulation for attics and wall spaces.


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