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New Orleans homeowner Tracy Collins had lived in his historic shotgun home for six months when he knew he needed to address the insulation issue.

“My winter was so cold,” Tracy says. “The heat never kept up.”

By June, the situation had reversed. Tracy’s AC was running constantly, and even though the heat inside wasn’t miserable, it was going to be expensive come July when the real heat kicked in. That’s when Tracy’s brother recommended having someone install spray foam insulation under the floor in the home’s crawl space.

“I picked up a couple of names and read about several contractors online. That’s where I found Sunlight Contractors, and their initial assessment was excellent,” Tracy says.

Sunlight Contractors outfits historic New Orleans home with cutting edge insulation

Sunlight Contractors started by encapsulating Tracy’s crawl space with closed cell spray foam. This cutting edge insulation has the highest R-value on the market, ensuring improved energy efficiency and a more comfortable home year round. As the insulation expands, it fills any cracks and gaps in the floor assembly, creating a monolithic seal against external air and moisture.

A crawl space encapsulated with closed cell spray foam is also more rigid, providing increased structural integrity. In addition to preventing air loss, closed cell spray foam creates a barrier against mold, termites, and other pests that create havoc in southern Louisiana homes.

An encapsulated attic reduces the stack effect

The stack effect creates serious air leaks through an attic’s ceiling. As air is pulled out of the house, your home’s HVAC has to work double-time to continuously re-cool air. By sealing the attic with open cell spray foam, we can minimize the stack effect and keep conditioned air in your home.

Tracy’s attic was insulated with old-fashioned fiberglass batting, which offers very little insulation and absolutely no air sealing. Sunlight Contractors tore out the old insulation and replaced it with Gaco Western’s pioneering open cell insulation, which both insulates and seals attics.

Year-round comfort and savings

With both his attic and crawl space sealed, Tracy can expect to be much cozier in the winter months and cooler throughout the summer. In fact, he’s already seeing a difference.

“It’s been amazing since the insulation,” he says. “It’s made all the difference in the world – a 100% improvement. When I came home during the hottest part of the day, my AC wasn’t even running, and the house was cool. Every house in Louisiana needs spray foam insulation. It’s the bomb.”

Tracy also recommends giving Sunlight Contractors a try if you’re in need of an insulation expert. “They showed up on time, the communication was excellent, and they did exactly what they said they were going to do. The job and the customer service was excellent. They went above and beyond.”

If your Louisiana home is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, give the contractors at Sunlight Contractors a call. We’ve got hundreds of reviews from satisfied clients like Tracy who have lowered their utility bills and improved the comfort of their homes through spray foam insulation.


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