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New Orleans Flooding Solutions

Many homes are subject to flooding in Southeast Louisiana and the homes that are not in a floodplain still can be subject to flood with the unpredictable weather patterns that we experience. This point comes true more so today with the onslaught of downpours that make streets into creeks, creeks into rivers, and rivers into lakes. Homeowners are safest when they take steps to minimize flood damage.

Our neighbors in St Tammany Parish experienced flooding near the Mandeville lakefront and the surrounding area in Southeastern Louisiana. Rising water threatened Slidell, Covington and other Louisiana and Southern Mississippi homeowners.

Much of the gulf area experienced excessive rain and flooding. Sunlight Contractors are experienced in flooding solutions and post flooding remediation. We handled projects across Southeastern Louisiana in 2016 in St. Tammany Parish, Jefferson Parish, Orleans Parish, East Baton Rouge Parish, and all across Southeastern Louisiana. We know first hand how devastating flooding is to our homes and well as our businesses. We wish you the very best and a speedy flood recovery. The Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA suggests building or replacing homes with flood resistant materials, Some Flooding Solutions:

  • Waterproofing exterior walls
  • Flood proof heating and cooling systems or raise them
  • Raise electrical outlets.

For a complete list of FEMA suggestions just go to their FEMA website.

Well, you get the picture and were going to focus on is Sunlight Contractor’s area of expertise and give you the complete list of what we can help in flood proofing your home. FEMA recommends waterproofing your exterior walls and lower levels of your interior walls with closed cell spray foam insulation.

What is Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation

  • Polyurethane spray foam insulation
  • Encapsulated – seals out moisture
  • Foam cures in a solid foam sealing out air penetration
  • R value 6.8 per inch

Where should Closed Cell SPF be Installed

  • Sub floors
  • Crawl spaces
  • Exterior walls
  • Encapsulating heating and cooling vents

Sunlight Contractors recommends closed cell for sub-floors, crawl spaces, encapsulating heating and cooling vents, as well as your exterior walls of your home. Closed cell spray foam seals out moisture, water, flood water from wood, floors, anything it is applied to as building materials. The difference to a homeowner is that flood waters will not penetrate flood joists, sub floors (if the water does not go higher your sub-floor), and interior wall studs.

Flooding Solutions: Sealing Saves Time and Money

The comparing flood resistant materials to no flood protection saves your time and money.

Home with Flood Resistant Closed Cell Home with No Flood Resistant Materials
Remove Drywall Remove Drywall
Flush Treat & Dry SPF Closed Cell Remove Insulation Batt or Cellulose
Replace Drywall Flush Treat & Dry
Removing Interior Flooring & Sheeting Replace Insulation
Flush Treat & Dry SPF Closed Cell Replace Drywall
Replace Sheeting & Flooring Removing Interior Flooring
  Flush Treat & Dry
  Dry Sub Floor Joists
  Wait for Joist Moisture to reach <17%
  Replace Sheeting & Flooring

Get back into your home quicker with flood resistant materials installed in your home. Comparing a home with flood resistant closed cell foam insulation, with the pre-flood measures of installing spray foam saves you money in costly repairs and get your family back in your home in almost half the time.

Closed cell spray foam not only seals it insulates. This is getting two benefits for the price of one. Drafty homes are uncomfortable homes. Seal up those nooks and crannies that allow air to seep into your home. Keep your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer with spray insulation curing those cold winter floors.

For flood resistant Spray Foam Insulation, call Sunlight Contractors, the experts in Southeastern Louisiana and New Orleans’s spray foam insulation.

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