Sunlight Contractor earns Spray Foam Roofing Certification Master

spray foam roofing
A spray foam roof can reduce your business’ utility costs and increase comfort.

Congratulations are in order once again for our own Corey Yates who has successfully demonstrated mastery of the skills and knowledge required to install spray foam roofing. Corey completed the SPFA Roofing Installer and Roofing Master exams, gaining the coveted Spray Foam Roofing Certification.

Though the SPFA, or Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance, may be an unfamiliar organization to the average American business owner, if you’re considering investing in energy efficient spray foam insulation, you should know a little about the SPFA. This internationally recognized organization has developed programs for the training and accreditation of professionals in the spray foam industry, ensuring that the standards-driven programs meet the demands of agencies such as the ISO, OSHA, NIOSH, and EPA.

Why is Spray Foam Roofing Certification important to you?

Because the installation of spray foam is a task that requires precise measurements and expertise. Businesses can save as much as thirty to fifty percent on the cost of utilities while increasing their energy efficiency when spray foam is properly installed. In addition, spray foam insulation increases businesses’ comfort by preventing air infiltration as well as preventing moisture- and insect-related problems.  Spray foam roofing certification means the job will be done right.

Improperly installed insulation, however, can pose lasting problems to your commercial structure. The savings you might gain from hiring an uncertified installer are minimal when stacked up against the cost of improperly applied spray foam insulation.

That’s why Corey and the team at Sunlight Contractors insist on investing in the training and accreditation that make us the most certified spray foam installers in Louisiana. It was with great pride that Corey added spray foam roofing certification to his qualifications.  We could be satisfied with paying dues to an organization to appear qualified, but we’ve got more integrity than that. We value our clients’ safety and satisfaction, so we do all that we can to ensure that we’re the best crew for the job.

The training and certification process developed by the SPFA is arduous and costly, but it’s worth our time, effort, and expense to be able to guarantee a long-lasting relationship with the businesses who rely on us. If you’re a business owner interested in a tangible return on your investment, call Sunlight Contractors today to discuss the benefits of a spray foam roof.


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