How a RESNET Home Energy Audit helps homeowners

Cleair Cheatham, Certified Energy ConsultantRESNET Home Energy Audit

Homeowners, builders, and real estate professionals focus more on energy efficiency every year, and for good reason. The cost of utilities continues to rise, creating a financial burden for many middle income families. Energy conscious citizens have become more concerned with their impact on the nation’s carbon footprint. Even homeowners intent on selling their homes have learned that the price they can expect to receive is directly proportionate to the energy efficiency they’ve invested in.  A home energy audit is the way to start.

One tool used to increase energy efficiency is a RESNET home energy audit, which enables homeowners to assess and correct their home’s energy problems. RESNET, an independent non-profit established in 1995, created these audits in order to assist homeowners in reducing their utility costs.

RESNET’s specially designed energy audits identify where and how homes lose energy, which systems are reducing efficiency, and what cost-effective measures can be employed to remedy energy loss.

At Sunlight Contractors, we chose to complete the rigorous training required to become RESNET-certified Home Energy Auditors because our primary goal is ensuring that we perform only those tasks necessary to make our clients’ homes as energy efficient as possible. We believe that installing new HVAC units or alternative energy equipment before existing energy problems are corrected is a waste of our clients’ time, energy, and money.

When we perform a RESNET energy audit, we examine a home’s envelope, HVAC equipment, moisture issues, as well as health and safety issues. After collecting information about a home’s energy usage, we complete diagnostic testing to pinpoint problem areas using tools developed for the job at hand. Equipment such as the blower door test and infrared camera reveal the location of air leaks in your home’s envelope, leakage around HVAC ducts, and energy loss through insulation gaps.

Once we’ve completed a whole-house assessment, we use our analysis to help homeowners prioritize steps to take towards greater energy efficiency. We go further, however, and provide another energy audit after any treatments to improve your home’s efficiency so that you can actually see the benefits you’re reaping.

If you’re interested in a home energy audit performed by certified RESNET auditors, contact Sunlight Contractors. We can work together to build an energy efficiency plan that meets all of your needs.


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