Conserve energy without cutting corners: hire certified spray foam contractors

Louis spraying Gaco foam insulation in Lacy's trailer.
Trust your home to the SPFA-certified spray foam installers at Sunlight Contractors.

Certified Spray Foam Installer

Hiring a certified spray foam installer matters.  Would you trust your life to a doctor who refused to show you his board certification? Or your freedom to a lawyer who couldn’t show you her bar certification? What about your home or business? Would you trust major renovations – costly, involved installations – to a contractor with no license?

Unfortunately, many people do.

The application of spray foam insulation can save you a lot of money each year in reduced utility bills and create comfortable living conditions throughout the entire home, but only if it’s applied correctly. When the same insulation is installed by a crew with no certifications, licenses, or training, the results can be disastrous.  Your safety depends on the installation safety guidelines.  Hire only a certified spray foam installer.

The fact is, most of the spray foam contractors in Louisiana are neither licensed by the their state licensing board, certified by the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance, nor accredited with the Better Business Bureau. That won’t stop companies from claiming to have qualifications; that’s why it’s important for homeowners to do their due diligence and check to ensure that the contractor holding the spray foam gun is the contractor with the license.

In fact, only two are registered with the SPFA in the whole state, and of those, only one contractor has certifications in spray foam installation – Sunlight Contractors of Kenner, Louisiana. Our contractors have undergone hundreds of hours of training to receive spray foam certifications, RESNET licenses, and LSLBC licenses; not just one of our contractors, all of them.

While you can certainly get insulation installed cheaply by a crew of untrained, unlicensed laborers, there is a price to pay for cutting corners. Businesses and homeowners who choose unlicensed installers often find themselves worse off than they were before the insulation was applied.

While attending the Pontchartrain Home Show in August, Monica Boshnack of Sunlight Contractors was approached by a homeowner who had recently hired a spray foam contractor with no SPFA certification to insulate her 10,000 sq ft home residing on a large acre lot. After shaving the extra foam from the walls and attic, the contractor took the shaved insulation pieces to a secluded spot on the lot and set it on fire to dispose of it. The homeowner was completely shocked to see the insulation they had just used to fill her home from top to bottom burn so easily and so quickly. She is now terrified of staying in her own home for fear of a fire.

“This is why you must be sure you have a competent company do your work. Without a separate fire ignition barrier, or better yet, one built into the foam itself, like we use, you could have a disaster waiting to happen,” said Monica Boshnack.

If the company isn’t accredited with the Better Business Bureau or, worse, is unlicensed, homeowners often find themselves dissatisfied with no recourse.  The best results will come from a team of contractors who have taken the time to train and be assessed by their professional associations, just like doctors and lawyers.

A crew like Sunlight Contractors, who has gone to the time and expense to become a BBB Accredited business licensed by the the state board of contractors and certified by the SPFA, may cost a little more up front, but you’ll find those companies to be more committed to your satisfaction and to a quality job.


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