How To Stay On Budget With Your Bathroom Renovation

How to stay within budget on your bathroom renovation

How to avoid budget bloat on a bathroom renovation

While the bathroom may be the smallest room in your house, the cost of renovating that little room can be pretty big. That’s because bathrooms have a lot of “moving parts.” Most rooms can be perked up with a coat of paint, but a bathroom renovation often requires plumbing work, electrical work, and more costly materials. However, there are steps you can take to reduce the expense of a bathroom makeover.

Start with an inspection

As with most projects, the best way to avoid going over-budget on a bathroom renovation is to begin from a place of knowledge. A thorough inspection conducted by an experienced professional will give you a head’s up on potential surprises, like a subfloor that has begun to rot due to a previously undiscovered leak. If a problem exists, it’s better to know about it before you make your plans in order to identify necessary (and unnecessary) expenses. At Sunlight Contractors, we begin every project with a comprehensive investigation of the structure so our customers have an accurate understanding of their situation.

Have a plan

Once you’ve got an overview of what you want to do (and need to do) during your bathroom renovation, it’s time to pull together a plan. Draw up a to do list and a budget to make sure everything that must get done can get done. Sharing a realistic, prioritized strategy and budget with contractors will help you stay within your cost restraints.

Keep the old bathroom footprint

Re-arranging your bathroom’s footprint is a costly undertaking. Moving plumbing lines often requires pulling up subflooring and electrical lines, which gets expensive. On the other hand, leaving your toilet, sink, and tub in the same location can save thousands of dollars.

Hire a skilled contractor to handle complicated labor

Bathrooms are small but complicated. In addition to the plumbing, there’s the matter of laying tiles, the preferred flooring and sometimes even wall covering of the bathroom. Laying tiles isn’t just exhausting, it’s also easy to ruin. Skill and experience make the job faster and less prone to expensive goofs. Hiring a contractor specializing in bathroom remodeling to handle tile, plumbing, and even electricity may seem expensive, but it’s a lot cheaper to get the job done right the first time.

Get a new bathroom and still have a flush account

At Sunlight Contractors, we can handle all of your renovation needs. From repairing soggy subfloors to general construction, our team is certified and experienced in home renovations. Give us a call today to learn how we can help with your bathroom renovations. Check out the hundreds of positive reviews left by other Louisiana customers we’ve worked with, and see what what other homeowners and business people are saying about Sunlight Contractors’ work.
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Sunlight did an exceptional job!

I’ve always been a DIY guy but realized insulating under my home was a little more than I was capable of myself. I had Sunlight Contractors spray foam the floors of my raised house New Year’s Day, just in time for the cold snap we had. That morning before they sprayed, the tile in my bathroom was 47 degrees! By that afternoon, once the spray foam had been applied, the temps rose to 59 on the tile and 64 on hardwood! I wish I had this done when I purchased my home 3 years ago! If you are debating whether or not to have it done to your home, I promise you won’t regret it!!! Mr. Ira and his crew were very professional and a pleasure to do business with. They did an excellent job and were very informative and gladly answered any questions I had. I’ve already recommended them to my family and coworkers, and the future I plan on having my attic done.
Brandon D.
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