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Your contractor should be qualified to do the work.

If you’re going to pay someone to do work that you don’t feel up to doing, be sure that you’re paying someone who is qualified to do the work. Just because someone has a truck with a sign on it and a toolbox in the back doesn’t mean they’re the best choice for serious renovation work. Does your contractor hold a contractor’s license? What other certifications does he hold?

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Corey Yates, owner of Sunlight Contractors, LLC, is the single most licensed residential insulation installer in the state. Corey holds seven different license classifications from the Louisiana State Licensing Board For Contractors (LSLBC). He is a Master spray foamer certified by the SPFA. Corey also has an additional 7 certifications with the Building performance institute.

Your contractor should start with an inspection.

While your contractor should listen to what you want and expect from a renovation job, he should also look at the reality, which you may not be fully aware of. Sometimes, a job isn’t as straightforward as you might think, and an initial inspection will prevent gotchas and budget bloat midway through. It may also reveal ways that the renovation can be used to improve your home’s energy efficiency and functionality. Starting with actual data improves the long-term results of any renovation job.

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I have had a moisture and mold problem for many years. I just didn’t know how to fix my swelling floors in my tight crawl space. I was searching the internet and came across Sunlight Contractors and decided to call them. After speaking with Ira Bosh I had Sunlight come out and inspect my crawl space. Clayton from Sunlight Suited up with a protective suit, hood, mask, gloves and did a thorough inspection. I was so impressed that after Clayton from Sunlight did the inspection I spoke with Ira Bosh and hired Sunlight Contractors who began work within a week.

Carey M.

Your contractor should keep you up-to-date on all issues.

It’s not uncommon for contractors to run into unexpected problems during a home renovation. It may come in the form of moisture damage hidden under a bathroom floor or a delay as you wait for a hard-to-find appliance to arrive. Construction is complicated, and your contractor should be clear and constant in their communication with you.

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Sunlight removed the insulation from our home this past Friday. The job was more challenging than expected, necessitating work all day Saturday as well, but Clayton and his crew worked through the issues and made sure our home was ready for spray foam insulation first thing Monday morning. Ira and Clayton both talked me through the process and any issues that arose. They were extremely professional and treated our house like it was their own. I would easily recommend them to anyone interested in upgrading the insulation in their home or business.

Eugiene B.

Call the contractors that exceed your expectations!

Before you call, visit Rate-A-Biz or Google Reviews and read the hundreds of reviews left by our satisfied customers. You’ll discover that we not only meet but exceed expectations. Our team is highly qualified and certified by industry standard-bearers. We conduct thorough assessments of our customers’ homes before providing an estimate, and we keep in touch throughout the entire process, eliminating gotchas and sticker shock. Once you’re satisfied with our reviews, schedule your appointment so we can show you why our customers are so happy.

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