Wall and Attic Insulation – Video of Zachary Louisiana Homeowner’s Experience with Sunlight Contractors serving Baton Rouge, Denham Springs and Zachary Louisiana

Video review and project details of Zachary Louisiana homeowner with wall and attic spray foam insulation by Sunlight Contractors of Baton Rouge, Denham Springs and Zachary LA.

Video Details:

Baton Rouge Denham Springs and Zachary homeowners experience with spray foam. This is David’s home out in Baton Rouge Louisiana. David researched and discovered that Sunlight Contractors were the most qualified contractors in the state and he didn’t hesitate to call.

Before installing the spray foam attic insulation, we removed all of the old fiberglass and cellulose insulation and soaked all wood members with a borate solution. This was a three day process.

The borate chemicals rid and prevent pest and insect infestation. We installed the open-cell spray foam making his homeless drafty and more comfortable. He was so amazed with the outcome of the attic insulation, David had us insulate the exterior walls with closed-cell spray foam which has a superior R-value to fiberglass. The foam fills all voids, gaps and odd shaped cavities. This stops air flow through the walls which is critical to get the results you want. There’s usually a pile of foam shavings after trimming wall cavities. this high-powered handy-vac we use makes the cleanup process very easy and efficient. We continue to equip our crews with the necessary tools and resources to get jobs done efficiently with high quality results so the wall foam is trimmed neatly and flush allowing sheet rock to be installed with no problem! Here’s a review from David himself:

“These guys are AWESOME SAUCE!! They have removed the old insulation in my attic, which was three layers of thick 20 – 40 year old blow-in fiberglass, fiberglass batts and blown in cellulose. This was a three day job. This team is on point. I was so impressed by my new attic insulation last night I couldn’t stop looking at it. I wanted to sleep up there.

My walls came out perfect. Sunlight Contractors did an amazing job. My house during a cold spell, when it was under 32 degrees kept warm over 65 degrees without heat. Light bulbs kept it warm, that’s amazing! In the summer it’s so cool. This is the best investment that I’ve ever made.” – David P.

Sunlight Contractors LLC give us a call and check out our website today, www.SunlightContractors.com if you’re ready for the spray foam experience
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